This Video Of Kim & Khloé Grilling Kourtney About Her Hickey Is So LOL

by Candice Jalili
Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

If you're in the market for a trip down memory lane to the days of strategically wearing Urban Outfitters scarves to hide your hickeys from your annoying fam, you must watch this Keeping Up with the Kardashians video of Kourtney Kardashian's hickey. In a teaser for an upcoming episode posted on the KUWTK Instagram on Dec. 5, Kourt casually strolls into the kitchen with a hickey on her neck as if this is totally no big deal. Needless to say, Kim and Khloé did not play it cool at all.

"Kourtney, what is this hickey?" Kim asked as soon as Kourt walked in. Khloé immediately chimed in, "Yeah, what is on your neck?" Kourtney responded with her signature unbothered smile and monotone voice, explaining, "My hair is here."

Needless to say, her sisters were not here for her attempt at avoiding the conversation. "No," Khloé said. "You have a hickey on your neck?!" Kim, putting that law school education to good use, got down to the nitty-gritty: "Who on Earth would you get a hickey from?"

"Just let me live my life," Kourt responded, still as unbothered as ever. Obvi, her sisters did no such thing and continued the interrogation.

"That’s a hickey?" Khloé asked, clearly not over it. "Who gives you a hickey like that?" At this point, lawyer-to-be Kim concluded, "I think I know who it’s from."

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Before Kim had a chance to tell us all who she believed to be the person who went to town on Kourt's neck, the oldest sister cut her off with another plea for her family to leave her alone. "Just let me live," she lamented. "Don’t analyze."

"My sisters are pretty nosy when it comes to anything in my life," she later said in the confessional. "I don't know if they're bored in their own lives and they want to live through my wild dating life that they think is going on. Like, come on guys. Let's get it together."

Watch the entire hilarious and also majorly relatable clip for yourself here:

If you, like Kourtney's sisters, just need to know who went vampire mode on her neck, tune into Dec. 8 episode of KUWTK for some answers.