This video of the 'Cheer' cast teaching Kendall Jenner a routine.

The 'Cheer' Cast Taught Kendall Jenner A Routine & She Totally Smashed It


Everyone from Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon, to Simone Biles and Kim Kardashian, has expressed their adoration for Netflix's latest hit series Cheer. The six-part docu-series, which premiered on Jan. 8, dives deep into the experiences of Navarro College's cheer squad as they try and make it to the national championship, all while fitting in time for school, work, and personal relationships. Kendall Jenner, who's also a huge fan of the show, met the cast while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and this video of the Cheer cast teaching Kendall Jenner a routine is amazing.

As fans know, Jenner was once a cheerleader herself. Although, while appearing on Ellen, Jenner explained that she "was not [that] type of cheerleader." As in, not anywhere near as skilled as the cast of Cheer.

DeGeneres showed viewers a throwback picture of Jenner during her cheerleading days, and Jenner got so flustered. "No! Why would you use this photo? My friends use this photo to make fun of me," Jenner said.

The model then revealed Morgan Simianer is her favorite member of Navarro College's cheer squad. Before she could elaborate on why, DeGeneres brought Simianer out, along with other members of the squad, to teach Jenner and DeGeneres' producer Andy Lassner (aka, Average Andy) some moves.

The team gave Jenner and Lassner two options: a "prep" or a "thigh stand." Jenner was visibly nervous about trying either, but she gave the "prep" a go, and she actually nailed it flawlessly. Meanwhile, Lassner got off to a rough start, but he eventually got it down, too.

Watch the whole moment below.

Jenner gushing about her love of Cheer comes just weeks after Chrissy Teigen revealed her love for the show.

Rather than feeling embarrassed about her awkward cheerleading days, however, Teigen totally owned it. "Watching Cheer on Netflix got me reminiscing about how I sucked at cheerleading almost as much as I sucked at doing my brows," Teigen wrote on Instagram. "Truly no idea how I made this team."

Teigen also posted a throwback cheerleading photo herself.

Netflix's Cheer is making everyone feel nostalgic about their high school days, and seeing these celebrity throwback cheerleading photos is everything.