Katy Perry's Astrological Sign Reveals So Much About What She's Like As A Partner

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Ever since Katy Perry splashed onto the scene with "I Kissed a Girl," we as fans have had a front-row seat to Perry as a romantic and sexual being. Perry stands out in our mind as a pop queen that has both a wild and campy sense of humor, a heart with a deep capacity for love, and a taste for the burlesque. Looking at Katy Perry's astrological sign, you can crack the code on who she is — not just as a pop star, but as a partner. Recently, Perry announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom, who she's been dating on-and-off for two years. And a lot of what she says about their relationship is telling and typical Scorpio material.

Scorpio season reigns from Oct. 23 to Nov. 22, so Perry falls right at the beginning (she celebrates her birthday on Oct. 25). Base line, you should know that Scorpios are very discerning people. That's not to say, especially as the most sexed up sign of the zodiac, that they'll turn up their nose at a one-night stand or FWB situationships. But when it comes to actually making it work with a love interest, someone like Perry will write up a list of "Perfect Partner" criteria (and check it twice!).

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Perry needs a partner who's the perfect package. That includes the primary Scorpio needs of someone who gets their humor — for Perry, think kitschy videos like "Last Friday Night" or songs like "Peacock" and someone who's good in bed.

And if there were any doubts about it, Perry spilled the tea in 2017 during a YouTube livestream with James Corden on how good all of her exes were in bed. "From best to worst in bed," Corden asks. "This is working on the notion that they’re all good." She breaks it down by ranking John Mayer first, (then ex-boyfriend) Bloom second, and Diplo last. Ex-husband Russell Brand didn't even make the cut, so there's that!

Of course, Perry's descriptions of Brand as a husband are pretty damning. He announced their divorce over text, which would make any Scorpio, in particular, feel like sh*t. Because they're discerning with their partners, they're very cautious about their hearts. So, to have someone throw it all away over text? Yeah, they'd def be dead to any Scorpio. Another damning aspect of Brand as a husband was the fact that he didn't show up and show out for Perry in her professional life. Scorpios value their independence, but they also need a partner that's going to be as much of a ride-or-die as they are.

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The Scorpio really leaps out when you think of Perry's love story with Bloom. They got together in 2016 and there were already marriage rumors within the year. Yes, they broke up. But they couldn't stay away from each other for long. And, of course, they ended up getting engaged off that reunion. It's that same madly-in-love energy you feel in "Waking Up in Vegas." It's also the fact that Scorpios will wedge their way into your heart with their charm, quick wit, and sexual compatibility.

Like all signs, Scorpios have their flaws. A word that gets tossed around a lot for Scorpios is "manipulative." Best case scenario, that could look like Perry making the most compelling case for Shake Shack vs. In 'N Out, or why she and Bloom need to get another dog. Scorpios also enjoy being in control, which could, with a frank discussion about boundaries and consent, lead to great sex.

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When Scorpios go through breakups, it's easy for them to see the logic behind the situation, even if it hurts. For Perry, getting a divorce from Russell Brand really made her question the institution of marriage. On the other hand, even though her breakup with Bloom was more amicable, it also made her reflective. She famously took to Twitter to say, "How 'bout a new way of thinking for 2017: You can still be friends and love your former partners! No one's a victim or a villain. Get a life, y'all!" Which, as far as breakups go, is a classic Scorpio move.

It's nice to hear that Perry has found her romantic match in Bloom. For a Scorpio like Perry, that end-game truly makes the turmoil worthwhile. Cheers to Scorpios like Perry everywhere, and their rebellious, romantic, sexy spirit.