How To Prepare For A One-Night Stand, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each Zodiac sign has their own place in the sky, personality characteristics, and even their own body part.

So as you might expect, each one has their own kink — or sometimes, quirk — in the bedroom, too.

Whether you're a water-bearer, sea goat, or ram, the constellation you were born under holds sway over what you bring to the bedroom and, in particular, what you bring along for your one-night stand.

The next time you're getting ready to head out on your Tinder date, check in here first to make sure you remembered all your props for your overnight bag.


1. Korn's 1994 self-titled album, $10, Amazon 

2. Ball gag, $13, Amazon

3. System JO H2O Cherry-Flavored Lube, $14, Amazon

4. Heeldo strap on foot harness, $55, Amazon

As the youngest member of the zodiac, Aries are nothing but meek.

Hotheaded and aggressive in the bedroom, you pack the props to dominate your lover and demand their full attention.

You are direct and forthright with your desires, and that means your hookup knows exactly how weird and wild you can be.

You're also more into controlling than being controlled, so just be gentle with us, Aries. Please?


1. Pizza

2. Massage lotion

3. The complete series of Planet Earth on DVD, $25, Amazon 

4. G-spot finger vibrator, $20, Amazon

As the fixed Earth sign, Taureans tend to feel with their stomachs.

Don't get me wrong; they'll share that pizza with you, but you can bet that they ordered it for themselves.

Kind and considerate lovers, comfort is a priority for them, and they'd probably prefer to stay at their house.

If you do manage to persuade them over, you can be sure they'll pack an overnight bag that meets both of your needs.


1. Sex Stack, $29, Amazon

2. The Very Best of Enya, $11, Amazon 

3. Pipedream Fantasy Fantasy Extreme Hollow Strap-On, $49, Amazon

4. 12-part skin care regimen

Bubbly and gregarious, you're a social butterfly who can chat up anyone, Gemini.

For someone to take you home, though, they have to connect with you personally -- and that's when your date will see your more intimate and soulful side.

And if your partner is tired after the party, too bad. With Gemini, there's no such thing as whiskey dick.

Public image is also important to you, so don't forget to tell your lover you'll need the bathroom in the morning! No walk of shame for you.


1. Kava tincture, $12, Amazon

2. Stuffed animal

3. Sofishie Sexy Midnight Bow-Tie Panties, $10, Amazon

4. Mix CD from a high school girlfriend

5. ID Glide Personal Water Based Lubricant, 64-Ounce Bottle, $49, Amazon

As a Cancer, you woo your lover with tenderness. You'll go broke buying groceries to make your one-night stand the most elaborate meal you can manage.

Your care and attention mean that you'll probably see your hookup again. The comforts of home are important to you, as are nostalgic reminders of the past.

Since you're prone to sadness, be sure you've resolved those old heartbreaks before you hurt your new lover's heart!


1. TeeSher Glass massager, $19, Amazon

2. Full-length mirror

3. 10-inch, clear, platform heels

4. Long blonde wig

Leos love to love themselves, and that's why you'll probably end up bringing your own mirror along on your one-night stand.

As the Zodiac's fixed fire sign, you have a flair for fireworks.

That means, even with a casual hookup, you'll be sure to dress up, as well as pull out your most eye-catching props to put on a show.

Your confidence means that you aren't too worried about whether or not you'll impress your date, either. You'll be far more concerned with whether or not they can make you roar.


1. Lush Sex Bath Bomb, $8,

2. Stop watch

3. Sequin pasties, $7, Amazon

4. Roller blades

As a Virgo, your trademark is perfection and cleanliness.

You're the kind who likes to warm up to getting down and dirty by having a nice, long soak, and that means you'll probably want to pack your own luxurious bath time treats.

Even though you're often characterized as finicky in the bedroom, you have a playful, goofy side, too.

You just have to test out your lover to make sure they earn it, first. That's why your bag is sure to include some props to initiate a few weird and competitive sex games.


1. Leather spanking paddle, $11, Amazon

2. Flavored condom

3. Pink, furry handcuffs, $9, Amazon

4. Soup

Libras are the nurturers of the Zodiac. The scales in your sign means that your one-night stand is for a bit of a push-and-pull dynamic.

You enjoy being a caregiver as much as you enjoy being domineering, and you get a lot of pleasure out of sill, superfluous details.

You're the kind to paddle your one-night stand senseless -- consensually, of course -- then fix them up with a hot meal.

You're also the kind to call the next day just to check in and make sure that your hookups back scratches are healing up OK. Don't forget to put on some Neosporin!


1. Taxidermy animal

2. Adam & Eve Triple Pleasure vibrator, $45, Amazon

3. Jane Stone velvet choker, $7, Amazon

4. Pocket knife

A Scorpio's power lies in their genitals, but as a sign, they are also fixated on death.

As a Scorpio, you can project fearlessness when you're heading off for a fling. You know that you are the strange one. If anyone should be afraid, it's your date.

As you are pretty good at controlling whether or not you have feelings for a person, it might not seem like you have many physical boundaries, but you definitely have emotional ones.

Just be sure not to reveal to your date your deepest secret. As a fixed water sign, you are a sensitive sign deep down, but it's a long, long way to reach your heart.


1. Flowers

2. Dental dam, $5, Amazon

3. Mooli 3-piece Stainless Steel Butt Plug, $19, Amazon

4. Lace teddy

As a rule, you don't really do one-night stands, Sagittarius. You'll usually want to see somebody for a few dates before you hop into bed.

Generally speaking, you also prefer to meet the right person before giving it up to anyone. Even so, all Sagittarians have needs.

As a solidly relationship-material sign, you'll probably bring your hookup a sweet, sincere sign of your affection.

Since you're no prude, you'll also probably pack something in your overnight kit that will get them to -- ahem -- open up.


1. Stuffed animal

2. Zabrina Hot Massage Rocks, $47, Amazon

3. Velvet Kitten Leopard-Print Loungewear, $23, Amazon

4. Deodorant

Capricorns can be somewhat conservative in the bedroom. While you are a considerate and attentive lover, you're not the kind who will pack a bunch of kinky props for a one-night stand.

Instead, it's more likely that you'll pack what keeps you comfortable: your work outfit and a pair of comfortable clogs for the next day.

Beneath all of that good work ethic and order, though, you are a sign that also gets nervous. Might I suggest bringing some smooth stones to hold in the palm of your hand for security? You can even heat them up.


1. Bulk order of clown noses

2. Two fur coats

3. 10-speed personal wand massager, $26, Amazon

4. Seltzer water

Aquarians are the aliens of the Zodiac. As a fixed air sign, you live in your head.

Your irreverent sense of humor doesn't always translate -- but that doesn't stop you from bringing it into bed.

You're a fun and adventurous lover who can, at times, be more wrapped up in your own pleasure than another's.

Even for a one-night stand, your hot-and-cold nature can be a bit confusing. Be sure to let your hookup know whether or not to expect a call the next day!


1. JOVIVI Rose Quartz Massage Wands, $19, Amazon

2. Book of poetry

3. Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle, $11, Amazon

4. Yoga mat

As the oldest sign of the Zodiac, Pisces have the trademark quality of being both very wise while also containing a childlike spirit of playfulness and adventure.

You're a psychic sign, too, and you'll bring a spiritual sense of goodwill with you into the bedroom.

You aren't afraid of romance, nor are you afraid of humor. When you're packing your overnight bag, you'll probably throw in some silly token of your affection.

No matter what happens in the bedroom, you're probably up for it. People do have roommates, though, so you might want to keep it down with that enthusiastic "Yes!"