Kate Middleton's Latest Suit Is Made Of The Ultimate Throwback Fabric

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Good afternoon, I'm happy to announce that Kate Middleton wore another cute outfit. At this point, it's not exactly groundbreaking news, but I intend to wax poetic on every fabulous look she blesses us with, because no one does sophisticated cool quite like Kate. This time around, it's Kate Middleton's tweed suit that's got everyone making a fuss, and it's seriously the most ladylike take on Clueless vibes I ever did see. With one great lewk, Middleton has made tweed the It trend of the season, and the answer to all my "What do I wear in the weird winter-to-spring transitional months?" musings has finally come. We love a fabric with a comeback!

ICYMI, Middleton stepped out in her tweed two-piece set to attend The Royal Foundation's Mental Health in Education conference, at which she met with principals of schools that are testing out the foundation's Mentally Healthy Schools program, per Daily Mail. As someone who endured 11 years of private schooling in the world's ugliest plaid kilt, I'm kind of living for Middleton's choice to channel a semi-schoolgirl vibe with the tweed skirt and blazer. It's basically the uniform I always wanted to wear, but never actually could.

If they do end up doing a Gossip Girl revival, I'd love for this look to serve as inspo for the girls' unis:

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I really like that Middleton went for a shorter hemline with this skirt, to keep the tweed suiting from looking too demure. She paired the set with opaque black tights, a simple black clutch and block heels, and of course, a bouncy blowout, because that's her signature thing.

Someone, anyone, help me achieve this level of hair goals:

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It's unlikely that I could ever afford a look from Middleton's wardrobe, but regardless, I still want to know who makes this suit for inspo purposes. However, despite my best Internet research, it appears the designer is a mystery. Personally, my first thought when I see a good tweed jacket is classic Chanel, but a fashion-savvy Twitter user seems sure it's custom Alexander McQueen.

Whoever made this lewk, I tip my hat to you. A job well done:

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I kinda love that a good tweed has become Middleton's go-to "thing," if you know what I mean. She always manages to make the traditionally stuffy fabric look young and fresh, and she's just the style icon to make old-school tweed a hot new trend. Like, to the point where I've found myself browsing tweed blazers for my own wardrobe. The heavy fabric in a lighter hue seems like the perfect transitional move for the whole in-between-winter-and-spring time frame, am I right?

I loved this super casual tweed take, featuring a green and brown jacket, that Middleton wore while on a visit to King Henry's Walk Community Garden in January:

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And who could forget this drop-dead gorgeous head-to-toe tweed moment from October 2018? Still one of her top five best looks, I'd argue:

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The last time I remember seeing her in a tweed two-piece, though, was around this time of year a couple years back, aka February 2017:

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There's been an abundance of tweed coats in the mix as well, but I'll round out this trip down memory late with my ultimate favorite, a dress from June 2017 with the perfect pop of red.

Is this Kate Middleton or Blair Waldorf? It could go either way:

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If all of the above plus her latest look haven't inspired you to give this throwback fabric a go, then DM me, because I can send you about 50 more outfit shots in which Middleton makes a case for the print as a staple for any closet. Kate, keep serving up fire tweed 'fits, you're doing amazing, sweetie!