Kate Middleton's Glittery Dress At The Empire Music Hall Gave The Crown Jewels A Run For Their Sparkle

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Here's the honest-to-goodness truth: Kate Middleton could wear a paper bag and I would still hype up her fit. Plain and simple, I just like her, no matter what she wears, so in my eyes she'll never really look bad. That said, I don't actually have to worry about people calling me out for praising her style, because there's truly no denying that it's actually quite good, and if you haven't seen Kate Middleton's glittery dress at the Empire Music Hall, you're ignoring a prime example. Middleton always keeps her look modest and sophisticated, but this aqua number is a reminder of how stunning a ladylike look can truly be.

While visiting Northern Ireland with her hubby, Prince William, Kate hit up the Empire Music Hall in Belfast for a night of fun. And while she always dresses to impress, she decided to really take things up a notch, and tried out something she normally stays away from: Glitter. Normally, the only sparkle we see on Kate is from her engagement ring or an ever-so-slightly shimmery nude eyeshadow, but she stepped out in head-to-toe glitz by way of this aqua-colored Missoni midi moment. Finally.

I know I say this all the time, but this has to be one of my fave looks from her. Don't roll your eyes, it's not my fault her style keeps getting better and better!

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As a proud Pisces with an aquamarine birthstone, I love seeing this color get some wear. The dress features a pleated midi skirt and a faux wrap-style top, with sheer, billowy sleeves and sparkle stitched in just about everywhere.

She paired the pastel moment with suede Gianvito Rossi heels that matched her skintone seemlessly, as well as a matching beige clutch and a necklace on a long chain that fit the dress's V-neckline perfectly:

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BTW,do I detect slightly more curl than that of her usual go-to blowout? She really went all out for their big date night, and I'm living for it:

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I mean, how does one manage to look so ladylike whilst helping herself to some beer? This woman is an international treasure!

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I don't know why or how, but lately, Middleton is really becoming more playful when it comes to her wardrobe. When she first became a royal, I feel like we only ever saw her in solid-colored skirts and blazers or prim-and-proper dresses, and now she's really letting loose in a way that's still classic and chic.

Let's not be too quick to forget her breathtaking look at the 100 Women in Finance Gala, at which she served two-toned pink princess energy:

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And I'm still in love with this super bold fuchsia skirt suit moment from back in January — Elle Woods could never:

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Middleton's Empire Music Hall outfit is almost as if she's combined all her recent style risk-taking into one great look. She's gone for a vivid color with the aquamarine, added in some fun texture by way of the sparkly fabric, and even went full glam on hair and makeup. Bravo, Kate! I'm sure Prince William always tells you you look great, but if you need a reminder, I'm happy to sing your style praises over and over (and over) again.