This Will Be The Worst Week For These 3 Zodiac Signs & Retrogrades Aren't Helping

We've tipped over the edge into eclipse season, inviting incredible transformation into our lives. Through this period, your reality is being reshaped and reassembled. Perhaps it's the change you've been yearning for, and it could not have arrived at a better time. However, it's also possible you might not be ready to say goodbye to the past, and this eclipse season is prying your fingers off something you're afraid to let go of. Whatever overwhelming emotions you may be feeling, you're not feeling it alone, and as of July 23, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius. If your sun sign dodged the "worst week" list this time, remember that you're not totally off the hook if your rising sign did not.

The energy shift taking place in the cosmos this week is remarkable. When the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius rises in our sky on July 27, you will be brought closer to your ultimate destiny, whether the transition gives you whiplash or not. If it feels as though nothing makes sense right now, trust in the opportunities that these changes bring your way. An added infusion of confusion is Mercury entering retrograde on July 26, forcing our personal lives through the wringer and dredging up old ghosts. There's no doubt that everything is interconnected, and over the course of the week, hindsight will flush your heart.

Gemini: You Might Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

Anyone who follows astrology knows that Mercury retrograde is one of the most trying times of all. However, no one knows this better than you, Gemini, one of the two zodiac signs that pretty much shut down altogether during their ruling planet's backwards tailspin. As of July 26, Mercury retrograde will twist and turn their third house of communication, turning everything completely upside down. The biggest problem? To a Gemini, communication is everything. This retrograde is almost guaranteed to leave you tongue-tied, over-sharing, and involved in sticky situations that you could have avoided had you just thought twice before opening your mouth.

Even though you may be facing several challenges, take solace in the lunar eclipse alighting your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. You'll be learning at an extremely rapid rate. So rapid that the information you're processing simply takes a bit more time to take root.

Virgo: You May Feel Incredibly Disorganized

When people start freaking out over Mercury retrograde, chances are that you're only laughing in apathetic acceptance if you follow astrology. Sure, Mercury retrograde is a bummer for most. For you, it's a downright apocalypse. When Mercury is your ruling planet, its retrograde removes all your confidence in your ability to think critically and act accordingly. As of July 26, this retrograde will swirl like a tornado through your 12th house of spirituality, making the entirety of your inner-world a complete and total mess. If you're having trouble sorting through your thoughts and quelling your anxieties, feel free to blame it on the retrograde. Your subconscious is in disarray and you have every right to feel slighted by Mercury.

Lucky for you, the lunar eclipse will prompt a revolution in your sixth house of health and work, the house your zodiac sign rules over. This empowering energy will help you combat the disorganization and make a plan that fixes any leaks in your spiritual system.

Aquarius: You Could Have An Existential Crisis

When the longest total lunar eclipse of the century takes place in your name, a shift in your entire identity proceeds to take place. Experiencing a lunar eclipse in your first house of the self is anything but easy or smooth. It's an emotional roller coaster and a completely dizzying whirlwind. You might begin asking questions like "Who am I?" or "What am I doing?" One existential question leads to another, and suddenly, you've tumbled into completely overanalyzing your life.

While it's never calm territory to travel through, these thoughts are important to have once in a while. Delve into introspection. However, remember to give yourself credit for all that you've been through and all that you've survived. These shifts arrive to refocus your energy so that you can grow closer to your truest self. Allow the chaos to bring you peace... if you know what I mean.