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These Zodiac Signs Are So Lucky Because They'll Have The Best Week Of July 13


It's sensitive, emotional, and intuitive Cancer season, y'all. You might as well spend this time getting in touch with your feelings, because they'll get in touch with you eventually either way. This season opens up your heart, reveals what matters to you most, and inspires you to let there be love. All the best things in life are nurtured with tender, loving care and Cancer season is a reminder to focus that love on something worthwhile. After all, your love is so unique, the kind only you can give. Now Mercury retrograde is officially over, you can enjoy Cancer season unfettered by its confusion and distraction. In fact, July 13, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — so you better live it up.

With the annoyance of Mercury retrograde and the drama of eclipse season behind you, everything is starting to settle into place. You're beginning to get a clearer understanding of where you're at in life and what you need to do in order to get where you want. This week, the sun will form an opposition to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction starting on July 14, making you feel hungrier than ever for whatever it is that you desire. Whatever Jupiter touches inevitably becomes bigger, and with Jupiter touching upon Pluto — planet of transformation — you've probably been feeling restless and eager to grow. This week, however, you may feel a push and pull. While your restlessness may encourage you to do something impulsive, you should remind yourself success isn't made overnight; it's made with diligence, practice, and most important of all, commitment.

Here's why water signs are feeling most excited about this commitment:


Cancer: You're Feeling Lucky And You're Definitely On A Roll

Cancer, all you want to do is become your best self. You're ready to let go of your old ways, say goodbye to unhealthy friendships, and finally make a major move toward your dreams. Ride this confidence like a wave, because you definitely deserve it and you're well on your way to success. Just make sure you don't burn out before you've even truly begun. Celebrate small victories and don't let mistakes along the way get you down. It's all a part of the process, and you're about to make so many strides forward. Between you and the cosmos, you've got luck on your side.

Scorpio: So Many Opportunities Are Arriving At Your Doorstep

It's as if the world is opening up for you like a treasure chest and you don't know which jewel to choose, Scorpio. In fact, you may even feel overwhelmed by it all. Heck, you might even feel as though you have to say "yes" to every opportunity or else you'll miss out. Don't worry, Scorpio. This is just a taste of all to come. For now, make sure you're staying open-minded. The last opportunity you're thinking of taking may in fact be the opportunity you really should take. Believe it or not, you need to spice things up.

Pisces: You're Bursting At The Seams With Joy And Excitement

Look at you, Pisces. You're glowing. Your stomach is bubbling with some pure, unadulterated happiness and you're feeling so hopeful about the future. However, it's important you think realistically about your life at the moment, because you may feel tempted to indulge. Spread this happiness out by incorporating it into your perspective of life, otherwise this happiness may be fleeting. Understand that a lot of your happiness is earned. How, you might ask? By working hard toward things that make you feel happy. It's really that simple.