You Can Escape The Cold With Flights Starting At $49 Thanks To This Airline's Huge Sale

Just in case you're not prepared for a bomb cyclone repeat, you might want to take a look at quick getaway options. Fortunately, one airline totally gets the cold-weather dilemma and is here to make this season more tolerable. JetBlue's Big Winter Sale is back and ready to help you say goodbye to the snow, so it's time to get cracking on your travel plans.

The airline had a sale that ended fairly quickly on Jan. 4, but for those who were too busy shoveling to book a ticket, you now have another chance to score wallet-friendly prices. Don't repeat last week's mistake: You need to act fast to take advantage of this sale, which ends on Jan. 10, according to Travel + Leisure. The travel dates, however, are fairly extensive and range from Jan. 16 to April 25.

Prices start at a comfortable $49 but do go up a bit when traveling to warm-weather destinations (and understandably so). Not sure where to head? Here are a few options to get your juices flowing:

  • Albany, New York to Orlando, Florida is $104.
  • Austin, Texas to Orlando, Florida is $79
  • Boston, Massachusetts to Nashville, Tennessee is $74.
  • Boston, Massachusetts to Santiago, Dominican Republic is $164.
  • Charleston, South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale, Florida is $84.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is $129.
  • Los Angeles, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida is $199
  • New York, New York to Nassau, Bahamas is $114.
  • New York, New York to Bermuda is $124.
  • New York, New York to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is $134.

There are plenty of other locations to choose from, and if you're a brave soul who doesn't mind a few inches (or feet) of snow, you can travel to one cold locale to another. No judgment if you're more of a skier than a surfer. I personally could go for a warm beach and a good book right about now, so maybe the Bahamas will be a good fit. JFK, I'm on my way!

Now that you've been blessed with two JetBlue sales in the span of a week, you'll realize that January is optimal for good airfare deals. If your JetBlue flight is all booked, you have other ways to save this month. Sites such as Skyscanner and Hipmunk analyzed research to find that January is the best time of year for adventurers to get an affordable plane ticket, according to Travel + Leisure. Time flies, and yes, believe it or not, so do inexpensive flights — but you cannot dilly dally.

Even better? January is also a good time of year to explore — not to just book a ticket. Now that the holiday rush is behind us, it's time to make good on your resolutions and start traveling. Skyscanner further claims in a press release,

Given the predicted spike in prices shortly after January, this is the ideal time for travelers to search and book cheap flights to most destinations, and finally choose a New Year's resolution they'll be more inclined to keep.

OK, since your interest has officially been piqued, it's time to decide what to do. Perhaps you're in need of a fun girls' trip or maybe you need some quality time with bae. Maybe it's time to kick your adventurous spirit into high gear with unique excursions such as a paddle board tour, a race in sand dunes, or desert camping. Whatever it is you choose, there's plenty to explore and enjoy. Hop on those JetBlue tickets now — you have until Jan. 10 (the earlier of 11:59 p.m. ET or local time).

Safe trip!

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