7 Fun & Unique Things To Experience In 2018 So You Have The Best Year Ever

You're still getting incredibly acquainted with 2018, but if you're determined to make this a truly unforgettable year, you'll need to embed it with some new things. Experiences make memories, and this year we need those good ones. There are new things to try in 2018 so that you feel fulfilled and forget the year that shall not be named (aka 2017), but you didn't hear it from me.

Instead of piggybacking that whole "new year, new you" mentality, consider following the "new year, new things" mindset. The year has so much potential, and even if you aren't working directly off a bucket list, experiencing new things should be something you generally strive for in life. One great thing about this whole idea of "new" is that what's new to you may be a second or third experience for someone else.

Experiencing new things allows us to cross paths with people sharing the same moment as us, but are soaking it in differently. You never know who you are going to meet, and that's what so amazing about taking the dive into something new. Don't hold 2018 up with empty promises of what you "might" try. Get out there and experience any of these incredibly unique things this year.

Attend A Wellness Festival
wanderlustfest on Twitter

What is wellness? Well, it's genuinely taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Wanderlust is a wellness festival hosted in several cities across the United States, where you spend an entire weekend working on your health. From yoga classes and amazing music, to lectures and farm-to-table dining, you commit to "find[ing] your true north," according to its website. At this festival, you'll really appreciate the idea that life is a journey we are all trekking differently.

Go On A Paddle Board Tour Of A City
utbpaddlesports on Twitter

Imagine what you'd see in a city if you take the less likely route of exploring it from the water? Paddle boarding is definitely a workout, but you'll be able to see parts of a city you may not be able to fully explore on foot. For 2018, we need new perspectives, and a paddle boarding tour will surely give that you.

Join A Fresh Food Delivery Service
amazonfresh on Twitter

So many people vouch for fresh food delivery services. They're super convenient and allow you to either get your favorite grocery goods delivered to you or guide you to make different dishes with the ingredients you are given. Either way, food is no longer a hassle, and it's all pretty exciting.

Get A Glimpse Of The Grand Canyon At Dawn
photorator1 on Twitter

The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list. Its very nature makes you feel humble as heck. The Grand Canyon embodies the idea of transformation and has a lot to do with time. Transformation is definitely a quality we need in 2018. Seeing this view at dawn would be so, so enchanting.

Hit The Sand Dunes
runningiszen on Twitter

Answer the door, because adrenaline and excitement are knocking. Everyone needs a good dose of exhilaration so that you feel limitless. It helps you gain the grit to face absolutely any obstacle set in front of you. Let's also mention how freaking fun it would be to hop on a four wheeler and speed off.

Enjoy A Dinner Cruise
halfoffnewyork on Twitter

Dinner cruises are so romantic and fun. Since there's water on whatever coast you live on, chances are you'd be able to find one docked near you. It's a little taste of the fancy life, and to be honest, we could eat food anywhere, but enjoying it on a full-service boat with your SO or good friends is a memory worth having.

Go Desert Camping
ludovic_pouille on Twitter

Aside from the amazing views of the sky that desert camping can provide, you'll be at so much peace. It's the perfect way to unplug and sincerely enjoy the people and nature around you. A multi-sectioned tent would also be so necessary for desert camping with your friends.

In order to fully welcome 2018, we need to be ready to do things we have never done before. Really embrace the idea of new and get out of your comfort zone.