Jenna's Body Language With Jordan On 'BIP' Compared To Benoit Shows They're A Solid Match


If you aren't watching this season of Bachelor In Paradise, then what are you doing?! The show, which I had never seen until this season, is practically like watching a clown car filled with super attractive people crash into the ocean, in slow motion. It's fantastic. And while there are certainly some couples that seem meant-to-be, there are others that aren't quite there yet. Perfect example? Jenna's love triangle with Jordan and Benoit. But what does Jenna and Jordan's body language on Bachelor In Paradise mean? Well, it turns out that these two feisty contestants might just be the perfect match.

Yes, there's been quite a bit of drama surrounding both Jenna and Jordan since they first met on Paradise. Basically, the two fell real hard, real fast. Everyone can see that Jordan is super into Jenna, and even told her he could fall in love with her. It seemed Jenna was on the same page, even turning down advances from Jordan's sworn enemy, David. (Yes, the chicken guy.) But that was before Benoit arrived.

The Bachelor Winter Games alum from Canada is pretty darn charming, what with his accent and maturity. So it's understandable that Jenna was feeling it with him, too, especially after their romantic date. However, on Monday night's episode, Jenna told Jordan that she wanted to be with him. Personally, I couldn't help but wonder if she made the right choice. That's where body language experts Yana German and Blanca Cobb come in.

We can tell a lot about a couple's compatibility by the way their bodies move together. I asked German and Cobb to take a look at some photos of Jenna with both Jordan and Benoit, to see if maybe they could tell who Jenna's perfect match was really supposed to be. So read on, folks, if you want the full run-down on this love triangle.

Jenna and Jordan have always been comfortable with each other.

Before Benoit took Jenna on a date (and before Jordan's jealousy attack), Jordan and Jenna were pretty happy and stable as a couple. This photo is from before Benoit even came into the picture.

According to German, "there is sense of child like in both of them." While they're sitting together, she said it looks like Jenna "is more in control," which makes sense, considering multiple men have been pursuing her on the show. "When she is looking to Jordan she loves his ability to make her laugh and be himself where she does not need to work on trying to be someone else," she continues.

Additionally, Cobb tells Elite Daily that Jenna "has her outside leg crossed over her inside leg (closest to Jordan), which is a silent signal that he’s welcome to come on over."

And they've always had chemistry.

On last night's episode, Jenna was torn between Jordan and Benoit, but decided to follow her instinct. When she spent some time with Jordan, and the two got frisky on the couch, German says that "how they intertwined in a kiss symbolizes chemistry and comfort."

German also notes "his shoulders are little pulled back and he is not leaning as much with his upper body to her, yet his hands are holding her tightly as he is guarding his heart from being broken." This also makes sense, considering Jordan knew that Jenna was on the fence between him and Benoit.

For Cobb, this photo definitely signals romance and an intimate connection. "Now this is a way to get and stay connected! Jenna’s using her legs to cop a feel on Jordan’s body. Your skin is the largest organ you have and she’s using the skin to tantalize the kiss.

But that's not all, "looking up north, they both have their hands on each other," Cobb says. "Jenna’s got her hands behind his head to bring him closer for the kiss. And Jordan’s not only got his hand on her waist, but has his body angled towards her."

Even when things got complicated, they were still connected.

At this point on Monday night's episode, Jordan tells Jenna that he's all in, but Jenna is still torn. "Jenna is not clear of where she is with her feelings with Jordan," German emphasizes. "Jordan on the other hand, feels better to keep slight distance with his feeling and emotions and yet he is very much into Jenna." Finally, German says "he wants to be next to her, to hold her, to be the guardian for her, and yet it seems he will respect any decision." Aww, sweet!

"This is interesting," Cobb says. "I wonder what the disconnect is? Jenna’s body is imploding, meaning that she’s closed in with her knees to her chest and her arms crossed against her legs. This is a self-protective or self-reassuring gesture."

Clearly, this was an emotional moment for Jenna.

But Benoit and Jenna also had a connection.

During Jenna's date with Benoit, she was definitely feeling the feels. "She is allowing Benoit to be in the lead instead of her being in control," like she was with Jordan, German says. More, German describes Benoit as "the go getter, he gets what he wants." Considering Benoit asked out Jenna when he knew she had something going on with Jordan, this makes a lot of sense.

Additionally, "She is not pushing back with her body but at the same time she is careful as her hands are not all over Benoit," German says. So maybe she wasn't as into Benoit as she thought she was. For Cobb, this moment wasn't as romantic as it might seem. "Now, the dim lighting is what makes this photo hot; not the kiss because Jenna doesn’t seem into it," she says. "From what can be seen, her left arm is by her side. Not what you’d expect in a passionate kiss. Benoit’s into the moment by cradling her head within his hands. Notice the distance between their bodies. Not a good sign."

Oh, and lots of chemistry.

After their date, Jenna and Benoit were still pretty connected, and seemed totally into each other. However, judging by their body language, it seems as though Jenna was more curious than anything. "She is curious and infatuated by Benoit," German says. "She is carefully trying to sense what is there and if she likes it or not." Again, though, she isn't completely invested, German says, since "her legs that are close together at the knee shows that she is not 100 comfortable."

Cobb reiterates this somewhat, saying, "Benoit’s eyes are zeroing in on his target - Jenna’s lips." But, there's more to it than that. "With his body completely facing her, Benoit is letting her know that he’s into her. It looks like Jenna is stretching her body towards Benoit to land a kiss. And yet they’re striking out on the physical distance. And wait, why’s he holding a glass instead of holding her???"

So really, it seems as though Jenna and Jordan really are the better match, and that Jenna picked well. At least in Paradise, that is. Who knows what the future will hold for either of them? For now, they really do seem happy together.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily