Leo & Kendall's Fight On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Was The Most Intense Moment Of The Season


When Bachelorette Season 14 contestant Leo Dottavio popped up on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers with a vigilant eye knew that his time on the beach would be uncomfortable to watch. The season teaser hinted at him clashing with fan favorite Joe Amabile, but watching Leo felt even more difficult when he unexpectedly feuded with Kendall in Episode 6. Kendall and Leo's fight on Bachelor in Paradise was definitely the most intense moment of the season so far, and the confrontation seems far from over.

If you asked any diehard Paradise fan why Kendall Long went on a date with Leo despite being with Joe for the entire show thus far, they would be hard-pressed for an answer. I would personally love to help Joe run his grocery store and watch our kids run wild throughout the aisles, but to each her own. Seeing as both Kendall and Leo live in Los Angeles, Kendall wanting to chat more with Leo made sense, but her going hot and heavy with Leo after weeks of cozying with Joe didn't really come across well.

Last week, Kendall returned from her sensual photo shoot with Leo wanting to explore her "curiosity" about the Fabio wannabe. Joe was understandably heartbroken, having no interest in any of the other women in Paradise. Meanwhile, while Kendall was considering a serious future with Leo, he and his luscious locks were chatting up other girls.

Leo wanting to spread the love continued into Monday's episode, when his constant schmoozing riled up the usually low-key Kevin Wendt, who told Kendall that Leo kissed Chelsea Roy. Kendall confronted Leo about the kiss, delivering the wise adage, "Hanging out is completely different from making out." She was reluctant to trust him again, spotting red flags within his behavior, and Leo confronting Kevin for telling Kendall the truth wasn't exactly great rectification of his actions. Instead of admitting he may've been in the wrong, Leo insisted to Kevin, "Everyone's kissing everybody here," definitely earning himself an enemy or two on the beach.

That night, Leo basically victim-blamed Kendall for "ruining" his day, and she wasn't having it. While Leo tried to point out that Kendall wasn't clear about her relationship with Joe, Kendall fought back when Leo was trying to label her feelings for the stuntman as "fake." As she did with her two-on-one date conversation with Krystal back in the Bachelor days, Kendall managed to stay calm and express herself clearly, but Leo was clearly rubbing her and the entirety of Bachelor Nation the wrong way. It probably took a lot for Kendall to not splash a drink in his face, but fans on Twitter essentially delivered the written equivalent of a hard blow to Leo.

Meanwhile, Joe waited on the sidelines, letting Kendall and Leo hash it out like adults before the conversation was clearly becoming more aggressive. Like the hero of produce that he is, he approached the two and asked how it was going, but we'll have to wait until Episode 7 to see how his interference fares. But honestly, how is this not proof that Kendall and Joe are meant to be?

I definitely wasn't expecting such a toxic conversation between Kendall and Leo, but despite how intense and uncomfortable it was, props to Kendall for holding her own and not letting Leo verbally defeat her. Bachelor Nation is proud of you, girl!

Bachelor in Paradise continues on Tuesday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.