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This Week Is Bound To Be Beautiful For 3 Zodiac Signs


Another week, another series of curveballs that proves 2021 is off to an interesting start. Even though the upcoming astrology is chaotic, it's nothing short of exciting. You might even feel as though you're experiencing every emotion on the spectrum as you journey through the next seven days. However, if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of January 11, 2021, the highs will certainly outweigh the lows. Count your stars, earth signs, because if your sun or rising sign happens to fall in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, this week is bound to be beautiful.

While there are so many major aspects and astrological events taking place this week, the highlight of it all is the new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 13 at 12:00 a.m. EST. This is the first new moon in three years that is free from the intense weight of Saturn, giving you an opportunity to set your intentions and plan for the future without the added Saturnian pressure. If you're an earth sign, you'll appreciate this new moon all the more, as it will activate confident, creative, and romantic sectors of your birth chart.

Jan. 13 is also when Venus in Capricorn will form a trine with eccentric and innovative Uranus, encouraging a deeper sense of independence. It will also inspire a sense of uniqueness in your relationships and your love life, drawing you toward people you might not normally consider your "type" while paving the way for inspiring new connections. Things will only get more exciting on Jan. 14, when Uranus in Taurus finally stations direct after a long retrograde that started in Aug. 2020. You can expect the end of Uranus retrograde to leave earth signs with an exciting and enlivening surprise.

Here's what they can expect:


Taurus: You're Seeing The World In A Brand New Light

Your experiences this week might feel totally transformative, Taurus. Embrace adventure, open-mindedness, and spontaneity wherever you can, because it may just lead to important self-discoveries and set you off on a path that takes you somewhere beautiful. It may not always feel easy for a stubborn earth sign like you to embrace the unknown, but the cosmos are asking you to take a leap of faith. You may think you have your future mapped out, but the universe has gifts for you that you'll receive once you go off the beaten track. Let your heart and a sense of mischief lead the way, Taurus.

Virgo: You Might Be Falling In Love With Something Exciting

Your heart may feel totally full this week, Virgo; full as though you're falling in love. And you may very well be falling in love with a person that really lights your fire. However, it's just as possible you're simply falling in love with your life; with a creative idea that you can't stop thinking about. Whatever it is, this love feels different from all your previous loves. You may think you've seen and heard all there is to know, but the truth if you've barely even tasted all that love can offer. Give this new love a real shot.

Capricorn: You're Gaining The Courage To Be Your True Self

You may think you know exactly who you are and there's nothing left to know, Capricorn. However, if you already know who you are, what do you have to look forward to next? This week, you have the opportunity to discover the deeper layers of your personality and identity; the parts of yourself you may not have known existed and the parts of yourself it's time to give credence to. Don't repress your true self just for the sake of meshing with the idea you've always committed to. Make room for pleasant surprises.