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Your Uranus Retrograde Horoscope Is Positively Electric

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Seeing the word "retrograde" is enough to make anyone run for cover. However, not all retrogrades are the same. In fact, depending on the planet that stations retrograde, each one is totally unique. Uranus is the planet of eccentricity, revolution, change, innovation, and independence. It represents the future and a willingness to forgo tradition for the sake of progress. When Uranus retrogrades in August 2020, it will ask you to dig deep within yourself and embrace the changes that have already been put into motion since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019. Beginning on August 15 and coming to an end on January 13, 2021, this retrograde is about harnessing your most authentic self and finding the courage to express it.

However, if you're trembling in fear at the thought of this transit, you've got it all wrong. You probably won't even feel the effects of this retrograde as profoundly as you would if this were Mercury, Mars, or Venus retrograde. When an outer planet (Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) stations retrograde, it happens over a long period of time and its effect on you develops gradually. By the time this retrograde is over, you might notice that you've changed and improved in so many ways. You might even grow to love Uranus retrograde.

Uranus is currently in Venus-ruled Taurus, a very grounded, earthly, and committed zodiac sign. This particular retrograde will focus on how you take care of yourself and routines and regimens you abide by. It's also about analyzing the level of stability in your life and the ways you build a solid foundation for you to work from. This retrograde will cause you to rethink the way you plan in advance, value your material things, and treat your own self-worth.

Here's how it will affect you, based on your sun and rising sign:



This is a great time to rethink your financial goals, as well as set plans into motion that help you build the life you've always wanted. Focus on what brings you a sense of calm and stability. It will be a lot of work to create the foundation you've always wanted, but it'll always be worth it.


Have you been living your life for yourself or for someone else? Are you repressing your individuality for the sake of fitting in? Let go of the expectations that have been placed upon you and rediscover your truth. Find the courage it takes to be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.


This retrograde is about learning to get past your ego. It's your ego that may be preventing you from fully accepting yourself and where you stand in your journey. Your journey looks completely different from someone else's, so why are you comparing yourself to others?


Step up to the plate and fight for something larger than yourself. You're being called to lead the collective toward a better, more inclusive future. Don't remain silent in the face of injustice. Be willing to accept the discomfort that comes with calling out bigotry and cruelty.



You're rethinking your career goals and deciding the mark that you would like to leave on the world. You are motivated by something unique and your goals look completely different to you than they would to someone else. Acknowledge that you bring something special to the table.


You don't need to live by someone else's philosophy. Now's the time to experiment with different perspectives of the world and live by a philosophy that works for you. Open your mind to new experiences. Everyone sees through a unique pair of eyes. Get to know the way your eyes see the world.


There are many habits and attachments that may be hindering your spiritual growth. Chances are, you inherited these toxic cycles from society. Unlearn the methods and patterns that have always landed you in challenging positions. Learn how to let go and let a new way in.


You may find yourself attracted to new and eccentric people during this time; people that may not have always been your "type." You're encouraged to create a relationship that works for you. Love does not need approval. Love is about two different people coming together and accepting each other as they both are.



Think more deeply about your daily routine and the way you treat your priorities. Is your progress being hindered by following a set of guidelines that has never worked for you? Break away from what may be the traditional way of doing something and discover a schedule that works for you.


There is so much creative genius bursting within you. However, in order to harness its fullest potential, you must be willing to fearlessly express yourself. You may be judged harshly for it, but who cares? Life is too short to spend it worrying about what others think. Life is meant to be enjoyed.


There are so many traditions surrounding what a "home" or a "family" might look like. However, not everyone fits into the same mold. Create a family unit that works for you. Build a home in which you feel safe. Everyone's heart is unique and everyone deserves a space where they can be their most vulnerable self.


It's time to identify what it is you've always wanted to say so that you can figure out the best way to say it. Think about how you've been communicating your thoughts and listening to others. Are you getting the most out of your conversations? Are you expressing yourself as clearly as possible?

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