Jacob Elordi & Cari Flowers' Astrological Compatibility​ Is Actually Really Promising

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OK, let me be clear that I'm not sure whether or not dreamy actor Jacob Elordi and American model Cari Flowers are dating. But here is what I do know: Jacob Elordi and Cari Flowers' astrological compatibility is pretty darn promising, so if they are dating, there's a good chance that their relationship can succeed.

On June 7, Flowers posted a handful of photos on her Instagram that included Elordi, and in the last pic, he and Flowers two are engaged in a pretty intense lip-lock. Those pics have since been deleted, but luckily a fan account for Flowers reposted them, so I still have the receipts. Further evidence of their relationship: Elordi's Euphoria costar Maude Apatow commented on a photo of Flowers which she'd previously tagged Elordi in, suggesting that he was the one who took it. Apatow's comment doesn't tell me a lot ("😭❤️"), but whatever. I'm running with it.

Elordi's birthday is June 26, which makes him a Cancer. Flowers' birthday is Nov. 17, making her a Scorpio. Though their values may not always align, Cancer-Scorpio relationships are incredibly compatible when it comes to communication, intimacy, and trust. That's right — two highly sensitive water signs can actually flourish together.

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Before Flowers, Elordi was romantically linked to his costar from The Kissing Booth, Joey King. King was born on July 30, making her a Leo. Though Cancer and Leo are probably the two signs most likely to succeed together of all the water and fire signs, that's not saying much because, you know, water and fire don't exactly mix. While both signs are devoted to their families and love big gatherings, Cancers are homebodies and Leos are social butterflies. Though Elordi is much newer to Hollywood than King, it's clear that King is much more of an open book on social media and in interviews than her ex. I'm not saying their astrological incompatibility is the reason they broke up, but I'm also not not saying it.

Like Cancer, Scorpio is a water sign, and when it comes to astrology, like often goes with like. Cancer and Scorpio have a lot in common, and though you'd think that putting two emotionally intense people together would be bad news, it actually works well for these two signs. Both signs are known for their intuition, and because they are highly emotionally intelligent themselves, they have a strong sense of compassion. They also tend to be impulsive rather than logical, following their hearts rather than their heads at times.

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But these two signs do have their differences. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means that this sign has all of the feels. It can be difficult for Cancers to open themselves up again after heartbreak. This sign takes commitment very seriously, after all, and being extremely sensitive and a little insecure makes the possibility of heartbreak that much greater. Really, all Cancer wants is to make their partner feel as loved and special as possible.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled by Mars and Pluto. The ruling planet of Mars is associated with passion, while Pluto is associated with a little bit of darkness and destruction. As a fellow Scorpio, I can attest that this sign is often misunderstood. Though just as fiercely loyal as Cancer, Scorpios tend to respond to betrayal with anger rather than heartbreak. While Cancer sees sex as an opportunity for an emotional connection rather than physical one, Scorpios are known for their intense sex drive.

However, unlike Leo and Cancer, the differences in Cancer-Scorpio relationships tend to allow two individuals to complement each other rather than oppose each other. When Cancer and Scorpio make a connection, their mutual devotion will make indiscretion seem like an impossibility. Both signs love fiercely, and they have similar responses to conflict. Though the Scorpio passion can be a little overwhelming for the typically calm and composed Cancer, this pairing is still one that tends to find success in the end.