Here’s What Jacob Elordi’s Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner

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Jacob Elordi is terrifyingly good at playing villains. His role as Nate on Euphoria is the stuff of living nightmares. Fortunately, the actor himself seems to be much more crush-worthy in real life — especially when you take Jacob Elordi’s zodiac sign into consideration. Elordi was born on June 26, under the sign of Cancer, and if you're in the market for a partner who wants to make a deep and lasting emotional connection, look no further than this sign.

Elordi first caught the eyes and hearts of fans as Noah in The Kissing Booth (which, BTW, has a sequel on the way, so yay!) thanks to the super sweet chemistry he had on-screen with co-star Joey King — which turned out to be legit, as the two ended up dating for about a year. As for Elordi's relationship status now? Well, that's pretty TBD. On June 7, American model Cari Flowers posted a handful of photos to her Instagram, including one where she's locking lips with Elordi. However, the photos have since been taken down.

While we might not know Elordi's current relationship status, we can guess what Elordi is like as a partner based on his astrological sign. Get ready to swoon.

He’s ruled by his emotions rather than his head.
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Cancers are the true “feelers” of the zodiac. They are both a water sign and ruled by the Moon ⁠— both heavily associated with emotion ⁠— so this sign feels things deeply. When they love, they really love, but it also means that when they hurt, they really hurt. Because of that, it can be hard for this sign to be vulnerable after a broken heart, but with patience and persistence, they will open up.

Once they let down those walls, this sign puts their all into their relationship. They are very in-tune to the feelings of the people they love, and will do just about anything to make their partner feel appreciated. The also see sex as a way to truly connect rather than just a physical expression, so prepare for lots of eye contact and slow lovemaking with this sign.

He can be moody and bit clingy at times
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While this sign's emotional intelligence has its major upsides, there are a few downsides to them being this connected to their hearts. Cancer can be very moody, and those mood swings can sometimes feel like they come out of nowhere. In reality, they come from this sign's extreme sensitivity, and sometimes, insecurity— but you would be too if you felt slights with the same intensity as this sign does. The good news is their mood will swing back just as quickly, so hang in there.

He takes commitment very seriously.
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Along with being very loving and intuitive, this sign makes for a great partner because of how seriously they take commitment. You can feel safe trusting the Crab with your whole heart. This sign often prefers to be coupled up whenever possible. They crave the safety and security of a long-term relationship. Once they fall in love, they are more than willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work and go the distance.

Did your Jacob Elordi crush just level up? Same.

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