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Is Lush Having A Black Friday Sale? Here's What To Know

During that shopping sweet spot of the year that stretches from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, I always keep my fingers crossed that my favorite brands will partake in some extra-special discounts and deals. However, while plenty do, I've found that not every brand is quick to hop on the Black Friday bandwagon. It was only a few days ago that I caught myself wondering: is Lush having a Black Friday sale? And while my fingers were crossed for a big ole yes, it turns out, the brand takes a different approach when it comes to holiday savings.

Before I dive into this very real Black Friday woe, it's worth noting that, in general, Lush has incredibly reasonable, low prices. Natural and eco-friendly products are typically seen as the best of the best, and as a result, they can be expensive, but you can mosey on into a Lush Cosmetics shop and find some serious bargains year-round, from bath products under $10 like the festive Frozen Bath Bomb ($6, to my fave sweet-smelling shower gel It's Raining Men ($10, It's not quite the same as scoring a major deal on Black Friday, but at least it means you can buy backups throughout the year without waitng for one weekend only to stock up.

So, why no Black Friday sale? Lush originated as an English brand, and as Black Friday is really only observed in the United States, they don't typically partake in the tradition. It's a bummer for those of us who were hoping to fill our carts this weekend with dozens of bubble bars, but it is what it is. In fact, Lush rarely does sales at all throughout the year — their only major sale falls on Dec. 26, aka Boxing Day in the UK. According to the brand, its Stop & Smell The Sale event features 50 percent off of holiday offerings, including "all Christmas soaps, Yog Log Roulades, Candy Cane Roulades, Bûche de Noël Face And Body Cleanser and other select items,” per StyleCaster.

I was really hoping to wind down after a stressful Black Friday with a bath like this, but I guess I can save it as a post-Christmas, pre-New Year's Eve relaxation thing:

However, the brand will be doing something for Giving Tuesday. On November 27, Lush will match the sales of every Charity Pot ($8, sold, and then donate the money raised to three North American charities. The International Rescue Committee, the National Coalition for the Homeless, and Community Food Centres Canada will all benefit from Lush's generosity — and yours, if you shop Charity Pot on Giving Tuesday!

Even though there aren't a ton of deals to be had until after Christmas, we can still celebrate the holidays with Lush by indulging in their luxurious, festive 2018 Holiday Collection. This year, the campaign was shot featuring some of my favorite drag queens, so honestly, I have no complaints.

Um, hi, if anyone can make a messy tub moment look glam, it's Shea Couleé:

And TBH, I instantly stopped being sad about the whole "no Black Friday sale" thing when I saw this incredible image of Kim Chi Vogue-ing amongst the bath bombs and bubble bars:

If there's anything that can remedy sadness over lack of sales, it's some stunning drag queens putting in werq for a good holiday campaign. Lush really did that, and as a result, I totally forgive them for skipping Black Friday. My love affair with the brand will promptly resume on Dec. 26, when you can find me buying as many bottles of It's Raining Men as I can find.