Lush's Christmas Collection Just Dropped, & It's Full Of Shimmer & Cute Critters

Believe me when I say that I'm a Lush lover year-round, but you guys, the Lush Cosmetics' Christmas Collection 2019 is one of their best drops I've seen to date, period! I'm not much of a ~Halloween gal~, so I've been patiently waiting for this range to launch, and seeing as it went live online and in stores on October 15, the holiday season has officially begun. Don't fight me on this one!

Why do I love Lush's Christmas collections above all else? While I do enjoy gifting Lush goodies for birthdays and other celebrations, I consider them the perfect go-to gifts for just about everyone on my holiday shopping list. My dad loves the shampoo bars, my mom is a fan of the luxe body creams, and my sisters can't get enough of the more unique, playful smells and textures. As for me? I love a bath bomb and bubble bar combo to unwind with after a long season of entertaining. This year, Lush really went all out, and there are a ton of special, sparkly, uber festive products, from shower jellies to bar soaps, and everything in between.

Let's jump right in with one of the cutest babys of the bunch, the Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar ($8,

Um, hi, why is he so cute and shimmery and perfect??? This lil' bear has a super minty, refreshing vibe, thanks to invigorating peppermint oil and exfoliating sea salt.

His glitzy exterior will fade, but his minty scent will stay with you all day long:

Lush Cosmetics

Another sweet creature is the Chris The Camel Bath Bomb ($8,

Apparently, my bath product collection now doubles as a zoo. No complaints here! Chris contains cinnamon leaf oil, Brazilian orange oil, and black pepper oil, for a spicy scent to help you de-stress after all your holiday shenanigans.

Chris also releases a lovely date syrup for to soothe and hydrate skin:

Lush Cosmetics

The last animal I'll rave about is a Christmas classic. Meet the Rudolph Bath Bomb ($6,

This antler-ed cutie contains cassie absolute, rose absolute, and organic cocoa butter, and smells of sweet marzipan. Delicious!

If you've ever dreamt of an orange bath, you need to snag Rudolph ASAP:

Lush Cosmetics

Moving right along, in addition to animals, there's quite a bit of sparkle and shine. The Silver Bells Shower Jelly ($8, is a perfect example:

With Brazilian orange oil and lime oil, this zesty, refreshing scent will give you a wake-up call when used in the AM, while black sesame seed milk and olibanum oil will ensure skin stays nourished and moisturized.

Plus, it truly looks exactly like a silver bell:

Lush Cosmetics

Another silver fave is the Snow Apple Soap ($10, If real apples were this beautiful, I'd be a much healthier eater:

This soap contains bergamot oil, Brazilian orange oil, and rose absolute, and it's a must-have to be left on display in the bathroom if you're entertaining guests over the holidays.

As the silver suds rinse, a green interior is revealed:

Lush Cosmetics

Are these products not everything and more? To shop the entire Christmas Collection, check out the Lush Cosmetics website now and get your holiday shopping done early.