Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Are Dropping A Perfume, & The Sneak Peek Shows The Cutest Bottle Ever

While I love all things Kardashian, your girl doesn't love paying for cable, so I rarely watch Keeping Up when it premieres, and usually gather info on what went down via the Internet the next day. That said, with all the drama that's gone down in the Kardashian-Jenner family these past few months, I found a way to tune in last night to watch the premiere of season 16 in real-time, and while I thought I'd be getting some answers, I was actually left with a ton of questions, including is Kylie Jenner dropping a fragrance? Early in the episode, Kim is seen sniffing scents and discussing bottles with her sis, miss Kylie Jenner, proving that their heavily rumored, long-awaited perfume collab is coming soon. What a way to start the season!

This announcement was honestly more exciting to me than Kim's other big news, that she and Kanye are expecting a fourth child. What can I say, I prefer perfumes to babies ATM, let me be young! We've been talking about this supposed fragrance since Kardashian first spilled deets on her episode of Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast. "I have a fragrance coming out early next year with Kylie,” Kardashian told Graham at the time. “Kylie only wears my fragrances. She’s always loved them and has always collected them in her room since she was little and when I started. She’s my biggest supporter on that, so I’m excited for that collab.”

And considering the duo has joined forces in the beauty realm before, a perfume together just makes sense:

If you don't remember, Kardashian's makeup brand, KKW Beauty, was first introduced via a collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics, featuring the KKW Crème Liquid Lipstick Set ($45, KKW Beauty blossomed after the lippies launched, and even though Kylie and Kim kept their beauty businesses separate after that, they did reunite for a collaboration yet again in November 2018, dropping the KKW X Kylie Lip Set ($42,

However, last night's KUWTK episode had the ladies sniffing perfume samples:

E! Online

Were they trying to pick a scent for their collab?

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My suspicions were confirmed as soon as Kim modeled the lip-shaped bottle:

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And of course, their loyal fans demanded more info:

First of all, looove that pink lip bottle. It's so Kylie, and it will fit right in with the fun, bubbly Kimoji perfume bottles that KKW Fragrance has already dropped. I know this is probably the only perfume being released for the collab, but I've got my fingers crossed for a few, as Kim usually drops her Kimojis in sets of three. Maybe the pink lip bottle is a night-out fragrance, and there could be a nude lip bottle for a more everyday scent? Or a classic red lip for a more traditional, musky perfume? Feel free to hit me up for ideas, ladies! I've got tons.

There's still no release date or official info for this collab, but I'm hoping it drops ASAP so I can snag it in time to make it my signature summer scent: