Is Jimin Dying His Hair Orange For BTS' Next Comeback? This Fan Theory Is So Convincing

ARMYs Think Jimin Will Dye His Hair Orange For BTS' Next Comeback & I Am Not Ready


ARMYs, make sure you keep your notifications on for all of BTS' social media pages, because you definitely don't want to miss their next update. The group has already confirmed they're working on an album, and, since BTS has a history of connecting their comebacks to their previous eras, fans theorize their new record will correlate with their 2015 Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa (HYYH) concept. To match their original aesthetic, fans believe Jimin will dye his hair the same color he did five years ago. Fans are convinced BTS has already hinted Jimin is dying his hair orange for BTS' next comeback, and when you see the clues they found, you'll be a believer, too.

RM first revealed BTS was working on another album in an April 17 livestream. He said the album process would be different this time because they would bring fans along on their creative journey. Sure enough, for the next few months, the members streamed live to share their thoughts and specific roles on the project.

Although BTS didn't reveal when their album will arrive, fans think it will be here sometime in August. On July 10, the Twitter account @Smeraldo_Books tweeted a blog post that revealed BTS was going to open a flower shop. In the past, BTS tweeted this to hint new music was coming, which led fans to believe their highly-anticipated album would arrive in just a few weeks.

Since the fictional Smeraldo flower plays a huge role in BTS' Bangtan Universe, fans are convinced the group will bring back the concept that started it all: Their 2015 Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa (HYYH) album. In an August 2019 VLIVE, Jimin mentioned he wanted to go back to his orange hair for a future comeback, so fans are crossing their fingers this next era will be the one Jimin makes it happen.

Bolstering this fledgling fan theory is GQ Japan. When the mag's managing editor shared a post about BTS, who will be on the magazine's next cover, featuring emojis with different hair colors (the fifth emoji, presumably representing Jimin based on age, had orange hair), they took it as a sign Jimin may have already done it without fans knowing.

While Jimin has been active on social media, he hasn't posted any selfies lately, convincing fans their theory could be true after all.

If BTS is going back to their HYYH era, Suga and RM may return to their respective mint green and pink hair colors as well, especially because they haven't posted recent selfies, either.

Jimin's hair evolution hasn't seen his iconic orange hair color in so long, so maybe 2020 might the year fans witness it once again.