The Evolution Of BTS' Jimin's Hair Is Certifiable Evidence He Can Rock Any Color

Being part of the BTS ARMY is one of the most exciting things ever. Even when BTS isn't promoting new music, the ARMY is never bored because they're always creating theories about the group's next comeback. There are just too many things to think about because whatever concept BTS decides pretty much determines everything about the group's new era, like their sound, clothes, and hair colors. For example, when BTS went for a darker concept for Love Yourself: Tear, all seven members rocked black hair and dark clothing with actual harnesses attached to their shirts (so sexy). BTS' comeback for Map of the Soul: Persona was totally different, since the era is way more light and fun. BTS' Jimin even died his hair pink for the comeback and he looked so good, but that's no surprise since the evolution of BTS' Jimin's hair shows that he looks swoon-worthy rocking any and all hair colors.

I'm not kidding. Jimin must have tried out every color possible. Just search "Jimin" on Google, along with your fave color and boom! I bet you'll get a result. There, I just tried it with "Jimin orange" and got him in like five different shades of the color.

Anyways, the evolution of Jimin's hair needs to be appreciated, so I've gathered 20 different stages of his hair that proves how he's "cutie, sexy, lovely" no matter how his hair looks.

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Entertainment — The Evolution Of BTS' Jimin's Hair Is Certifiable Evidence He Can Rock Any Color

June 2013: Dark Brown

Jimin debuted with BTS on June 13, 2013, on the South Korean music television program M Countdown. To go along with BTS' debut single, "No More Dream," Jimin, as well as the other BTS members, went for a dark and edgy look to fit the group's hip hop concept. Of course, that included Jimin debuting with dark brown hair. Although he might have looked tough back then, looking back now, he looks so adorable as a K-Pop rookie.

February 2014: Black

Before "Boy With Luv," there was "Boy In Luv," the single off of BTS' Skool Luv Affair EP. As you can tell from the group's album name, BTS went for a dark, bad-boy concept for this era. As you can imagine, Jimin went for dark hair to fit the group's image.

December 2015: Orange

Oh my god, Jimin's orange hair during the "Run" era was really something else, wasn't it? During this time, pretty much every member of BTS experimented with their hair color. Jimin changed his hair to orange, and it was such a good look on him. This was also the hair color Jimin wore for BTS' unforgettable television performance of "Perfect Man," which remains one of the most talked-about Jimin performances ever.

June 2015: Fire Red

One of Jimin's most iconic looks was, without a doubt, his bright-red hair, which he died for BTS' "Dope" music video. Unlike V, who has died his hair red several times over the years, I'm pretty sure this is one of the only times (if not the only time) Jimin died his hair this color. The fact that Jimin's outfits for this era included different uniforms that either made him look like a policeman or a businessman just made his hair look that much sexier.

May 2016: Back to Black

The words "Jimin with black hair" are enough to send the ARMY into a frenzy, which is exactly what happened once BTS made their comeback with their single "Fire," and Jimin surprised ARMYs by dying his hair back to black.

October 2016: Dark Silver

BTS' Wings concept was really that era. Seriously. Ask any ARMY and they would probably say that Wings was one of BTS' best comebacks of all-time, which included Jimin sporting gorgeous silver hair paired with blue-grey-colored contacts. A killer combo.

February 2017: Bubblegum Pink

Yup, Jimin dyed his hair pink for the group's "Not Today" and "Spring Day" comeback. It wasn't peachy pink like for BTS' 2019 Map of the Soul era, but instead, it was a bubblegum pink. But don't let the soft hair color fool you, Jimin looked so sexy during this era.

May 2017: Back to Brown

On May 21, 2017, BTS made their debut American award show appearance at the Billboard Music Awards. At the time, each member of BTS dyed their hair a different shade of brunette, with Jimin opting for a dark brown look.

September 2017: Blonde

After BTS' historic Billboard Music Awards appearance in May, the group made their comeback with Love Yourself: Her's lead single, "DNA," in September. Any ARMY would know that the music video for "DNA" was one of BTS' most colorful videos, so it made sense that Jimin dyed his hair blonde to fit the group's lighter concept.

May 2018: Brown Again

Unlike BTS' Love Yourself: Her era, the concept for BTS' Love Yourself: Tear was much darker. That's why all the BTS members, including Jimin, ditched their colorful hair colors for different shades of brown.

August 2018: Dirty Blonde

BTS' Love Yourself: Answer comeback was a big one, and again, it included the BTS members experimenting with their hair colors and styles. Jimin's hair really had a moment because the star not only dyed it dirty blonde, but he also styled it to look a bit more voluminous than usual.

October 2018: Baby Blue

Jimin showed off his new blue hair at BTS' Berlin concert on Oct. 16 and he kept it for the duration of BTS' European leg of their Love Yourself world tour. Jimin performing "Serendipity" with blue hair was absolute perfection.

November 2018: Back to Blonde

Jimin's hair didn't stay blue for long! I mean, c'mon, it's Jimin we're talking about! He's always changing up his appearance, and by November, he was rocking the blonde look once again.

December 2018: Silver

Jimin ended 2018 in style by dying his hair silver. The last time Jimin had silver hair was during the group's "Blood Sweat & Tears" era, so for him to go back to that color was kind of a big deal to ARMY.

January 2019: Purple

What's one color fans haven't seen Jimin with, yet? Oh, that's right, purple! To ring in 2019, Jimin debuted his new purple locks, which he wore all the way to the Grammy Awards in February.

February 2019: Platinum Blonde

As I said, Jimin may have had purple hair in January, but he also kept it purple for when BTS attended the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. But by the end of the month, Jimin changed his hair color to blonde again.

April 2019: Peachy Orange

To kick off BTS' Map of the Soul era, Jimin changed his hair color to a peachy shade of orange. The last time Jimin had orange hair was back in 2015, so you could imagine just how surprised ARMYs were to see Jimin rocking orange hair once again.

May 2019: Coral Pink

Only one word comes to mind when thinking of BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona comeback: pink. The physical album for Map of the Soul: Persona came in four different versions — all different shades of pink — and BTS' music video for "Boy With Luv" (aka, what Halsey called her "pink dream") was also filled with pink clothes and props. So obviously, Jimin just had to dye his hair pink, too. This time, it was a coral-y shade.

May 2019: Brown Again

Yup, Jimin rocked more than one hair color in May 2019. While in the beginning of the month he had pink hair, he did a whole 180 and went back to brown once the boys' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour kicked off in the U.S. So much for that pink dream, right?

July 2019: Dark Brown

Besides trimming his hair and dying it a darker shade of brown, Jimin hasn't changed his hair all that much recently, and maybe that's because he's prepping his hair for when BTS makes their next comeback.

Fans think BTS will make their comeback in October, but the group hasn't confirmed anything yet, meaning fans will just have to wait and see if their theory turns out to be true. But one thing fans seem to know for sure is that Jimin and the other members of BTS will probably change up their hair colors again soon. Based on Jimin's hair evolution, those guys change their hair colors a lot. And boy do they look good doing it!