The Evolution Of BTS' Jimin's Hair Is Certifiable Evidence He Can Rock Any Color

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Being part of the BTS ARMY is one of the most exciting things ever. Even when BTS isn't promoting new music, the ARMY is never bored because they're always creating theories about the group's next comeback. There are just too many things to think about because whatever concept BTS decides pretty much determines everything about the group's new era, like their sound, clothes, and hair colors. For example, when BTS went for a darker concept for Love Yourself: Tear, all seven members rocked black hair and dark clothing with actual harnesses attached to their shirts (so sexy). BTS' comeback for Map of the Soul: Persona was totally different, since the era is way more light and fun. BTS' Jimin even died his hair pink for the comeback and he looked so good, but that's no surprise since the evolution of BTS' Jimin's hair shows that he looks swoon-worthy rocking any and all hair colors.

I'm not kidding. Jimin must have tried out every color possible. Just search "Jimin" on Google, along with your fave color and boom! I bet you'll get a result. There, I just tried it with "Jimin orange" and got him in like five different shades of the color.

Anyways, the evolution of Jimin's hair needs to be appreciated, so I've gathered 20 different stages of his hair that proves how he's "cutie, sexy, lovely" no matter how his hair looks.

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