Is BTS Dropping An Album In August 2020? This Smeraldo Books Fan Theory Is Convincing.

ARMYs Think BTS Is Dropping Another Album NEXT MONTH & The Theories Are Convincing


With BTS' Japanese album Map of the Soul: 7 - The Journey arriving on July 15, fans thought there would be a three to four month break before they heard more music from the boys. That may not be the case this time around, though, because fans think the group could make another comeback just weeks later. This fan theory BTS is dropping an album in August 2020 will blow your mind.

The latest theory centers around BTS' fictional Bangtan Universe, which connects many of their music videos and songs together. For the past few years, ARMYs have been getting information about this alternative universe from the Twitter account @Smeraldo_Books, and on July 10, it posted another update, teasing something is definitely coming this summer.

The account shared a blog entry ARMYs have already seen before called "A fateful encounter with Smeraldo, the prologue story."

In case you're unfamiliar with the term "Smeraldo," it is a fictional flower seen in many of BTS' BU music videos. Ahead of BTS' Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Answer comebacks in September 2017 and August 2018, @FlowerSmeraldo posted this blog exactly on July 10 both times to hint new music was on the horizon, hinting BTS was preparing to open a flower shop. The month it teased as the shop's opening date has historically been whenever BTS made their comeback.

Because the blog mentioned late August this time around, fans think BTS will be releasing a new album next month.

In BTS' fictional universe, they mention the "City of Smeraldo," and fans said in Italian, it translates to "the Emerald City of Oz," aka, The Wizard of Oz. Interestingly enough, when BTS celebrated their seven-year debut anniversary on June 13, they had an "FM" show on VLIVE during which they read a snippet from the iconic children's story. Fans initially didn't think anything of it, but with this new update from @Smeraldo_Books, they don't thhink it was a coincidence.

In November 2019, Big Hit launched @Smeraldo_Books, so everything, from the flowers to the literary references, seems to tie together. Watch BTS reenact part of The Wizard of Oz below.

Fans even think BTS have hinted at the exact date when they'll drop their next album. Since The Wizard of Oz released on Aug. 25, 1939, and BTS kicked off their Love Yourself world tour on Aug. 25, 2018, they think Aug. 25 is when BTS will make their next comeback.

Previously, fans believed BTS was going to drop another album in October. In a May 11 livestream, Jin asked the members if their next album will arrive in October, and Suga seemingly nodded in response.

Now, fans are convinced BTS' comeback date will be earlier. Judging by all the evidence they've found to back up their new theory, ARMYs may really be on to something here.