ARMYs Are Emotional Over This 1 Part Of BTS' FESTA Schedule

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every year, BTS throws a huge online celebration known as FESTA to celebrate their debut anniversary. No two have ever been the same, so ARMYs were waiting to see how BTS' 2020 FESTA schedule would play out. On May 28, Big Hit Entertainment released the event's upcoming timeline, and it's got fans emotional for so many reasons, but one detail stands out above the rest.

BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, and no matter how much time passes, they never forget to honor their anniversary every time it comes around. While ARMYs have been busy appreciating Suga's D-2 mixtape and his IU collaboration, "Eight," throughout the month of May, they had BTS' FESTA at the back of their minds, since BTS traditionally begins celebrating their anniversary as soon as June begins.

Similar to their comebacks, Big Hit gives fans BTS' FESTA schedule ahead of time to help them prepare for all the content that's about to come. With only a few days left until June 1, ARMYs knew Big Hit would drop the schedule at any moment. On May 28, fans finally got what they were waiting for. BTS' 2020 FESTA timeline shows fans will be in for a real treat this summer.

As per usual, FESTA will begin with BTS throwing an "opening ceremony" on June 1. Afterward, the group will share never-before-seen choreography videos, family portraits, and photo collections.

Some of the content listed is more straightforward, while others are a mystery. For example, on June 5, fans will receive something called "Still With You." ARMYs predict it will be a new song, and its lyrics will be about BTS' relationship with fans, whom they haven't seen in months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans are already getting emotional thinking about the possible meaning behind "Still With You."

"This is gonna be so memorable and heart touching. Coz [sic] despite of this pandemic, still we are able to connect with BTS and we are able to continue to make a good memories with them," one fan tweeted.

Check out other reactions from fans below.

Fans also think BTS will perform their Map of the Soul: 7 track "We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal" on June 12. The song reflects BTS' seven-year long journey together since their debut. Fans haven't heard BTS perform the song live yet, so if they sing it for FESTA, ARMYs know they're going to be in a puddle of tears.

BTS' FESTA this year will be the biggest one yet, and ARMYs won't want to miss a single day of it.

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