A young couple records a live video on Instagram on their phone, while sitting on their couch.
11 Clever Instagram Live Ideas For Couples That Will Start New Trends

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If you're a newbie to Instagram Live and are just discovering the beauty of this feature, you're not alone. So many users are going "live" nowadays, taking advantage of this feature's natural ability to connect people and creating a slew of notifications in the process. They're streaming their workouts and bringing people into their living room for lively Q&As. If you want to join the bandwagon with your SO, scroll through some of these clever Instagram Live content ideas for couples and get ready to entertain your followers.

You don't necessarily need to perform a full-blown stand-up act on the app or prepare a dance number. (Although, go ahead and do so if that's your jam.) This feature gives you the chance to add value, joy, or casual fun to your friends' afternoons, however you see fit. You've likely seen your fave celebs take the spotlight so their followers could learn more about their fitness routines, trending #looks, and collabs. Maybe, on a casual Saturday morning, you've tuned into your cousin chatting about her business or your besties from college doing a group try-on haul.

The results can be a lot of laughs and someone in the group saying, "Let's do this again!" The feature truly is so catchy, and something you'll want to take advantage of with your love. Here are 11 clever things you can do on Instagram Live to get you two started.

Try A TikTok Challenge
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First up, you can bring the trends from one social media app over to another and try out a TikTok challenge. You can learn the dance that goes along with the #RenegadeChallenge and practice "flipping the switch," too. Whatever feels right to you two.

React To Your Follower's Assumptions About You

Before going "live" on Instagram, ask your followers to spill the tea. Tell them to slide into your DMs with their assumptions of you or your relationship. Then, take an hour to react to people who assume your favorite chips are Doritos or you two met on Tinder, and respond to them.

Cook A Fresh Meal Together

Cooking can be an incredibly relaxing thing for you and bae to do together. For your followers, it can also be a relaxing thing to watch. So, when you have an open weeknight, head into the kitchen with your SO and put together a fresh meal. Ask your followers to rate it based on presentation.

Perform A Sweet And Catchy Duet

If you and your SO have a knack for music and performing, go on Instagram Live and perform a sweet duet. Sing, play guitar, or act out a scene from The Office. Save the session afterwards so you can go back and watch it in your spare time.

Tell Your Favorite Stories
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Instagram Live is the perfect place for you and your SO to tell your favorite stories. Maybe you adore talking about your first date when you got pizza and watched a rom-com together, or the time you traveled abroad. Dish it all for your followers who are wildly curious.

Review Your Go-To Bottles Of Wine

Do you and your SO consider yourselves wine connoisseurs? Have you taken online wine classes together to learn how to appreciate your riesling or merlot? If so, consider reviewing your go-to bottles on wine and share your passion with the world.

Rant About The TV Show You're Watching

Here's the deal: You and your SO might have the deepest theories on Tiger King, and could talk about Schitt's Creek for hours. Your followers are in the same boat, and would love to hear you rant about the TV show you're currently watching together. So, get on Instagram Live ASAP.

Put On Your Favorite Face Masks

Self-care is the name of the game, and putting on your favorite face masks on Instagram Live will remind your followers to hit the "pause" button and do something nice for themselves, too. If your SO has never tried a face mask before, this will be an amazing way to introduce them to the powers of brown sugar, chocolate, or avocado.

Do A Workout In Your Backyard
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Do a workout in your backyard on Instagram Live. Motivate your followers as you do an ab routine, or work through push-ups in your spare time. It'll get them movin' and groovin' at home, too.

Do Each Other's Hair Or Makeup

Doing each other's hair or makeup ~lewk~ on IG Live will make for such a fun time. You can spill the details on your go-to products, and enjoy pampering each other. Take a pic to commemorate this session, OK?

Have A Check-In With Another Couple

Last but not least, go "live" with another couple and check in with them on Instagram. This is a great way to virtually hang out with the people you and your love care about, and bring your entire community together. Turn it into a weekly thing and start a new trend.