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14 Best Instagram Story Filters For Couples & Showing Your Love For Bae
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When you're chilling at home with your SO, you may propose the idea of trying out a new TikTok challenge together or taking adorable selfies for Instagram. You have some free time, so why not say "cheese" and record yourselves laughing? Your followers will love to see you two gushing over each other and giving the features in your app a whirl. The best Instagram story filters for couples are what you should try first, because they'll really show your love for bae.

They'll give you actual heart eyes, or make your cheeks appear blushed. The sense of comfort you feel when you're snuggled into your partner's arms or see them walking into a room will be brought to life with pink- colored filters and neon hearts. Even some of your favorite memes will become interactive, like the one where the cat is surrounded by a burst of emojis after seeing something undeniably cute.

You'll have some trouble picking just one to post on your story, because they'll all make you feel warm, happy, and content inside. Do yourself a favor and don't limit yourself. Give every one of these 14 story filters for couples a whirl while you're chilling at home with your SO. Each one is unique and will show your endless love for bae in a different way.

Neon Valentine by @instagram

The first of these filters is Neon Valentine by @instagram. This filter put neon candy hearts around your head that read either "cute," "DM me," "love," or "xoxo." It's up to you to choose which one you want to try with your love — or send to them from the other side of the couch.

PINK LOVE by @robertobrendo

PINK LOVE by @robertobrendo will bring your immense love for your SO to life on Instagram. It surrounds your face with a bunch of pink heart emojis (Including the sparkly and Cupid's arrow versions.) and animates them to look like they're going through the screen. Whether you're trying this filter out with your SO or sending them a message with it, it's bound to make someone say, "Aw!"

Heart Bloom by @instagram

Let your feelings bloom like the flowers in the spring with the Heart Bloom story effect by @instagram. This effect gives your picture or video a lovey-dovey #look by adding faded red and purple hearts to your surroundings. It also gives your space a nice golden glow.

Comfort Filter @sorrynotblogger

Your SO may bring a lot of comfort and joy into your life. They may make the simplest moments feel so special and grand. Try out the Comfort Filter by @sorrynotblogger to capture that feeling and post it for your followers to see. Love can sometimes be hard to put in words, but story effects can help you document the bliss.

cuteness*burst by @erthh

If you're a huge fan of the cat meme where it's surrounded by heart emojis and experiencing a cuteness overload, then you'll love cuteness*burst by @erthh. This effect puts you and bae in the cat's place, and lets you be a part of this meme. Share a kiss with this filter to bring it to the next level.

Heart Glitch by @instagram

When you're around your SO, your heart skips a beat. So, it's going to be in your best interest to try out the Heart Glitch effect by @instagram. This effect surrounds you in exploding hearts that look like they're straight out of a video game, and lots of little spurts of glitter. It's perfect for blowing a kiss to your SO ~virtually~.

Cotton Candy Sunrise by @slakeymedia

Life is pretty peach with your SO by your side. It's almost like every moment is brought to you by a pair of rosey glasses or a Cotton Candy Sunrise. The next time you two want to make a post on stories, try out this filter by @slakeymedia. It's unique and will make you feel like you're living in a fairytale.

Floating friends by @spaghetto

If you're feeling like sending your SO something a little flirty via Instagram, the Floating friends effect by @spaghetto is for you. Simply put, this effect puts smiling eggplant emojis over your head, and lets them float to the top of your screen. TBH, they're pretty cute, too.

Who is more __? by @vamonke

Interactive story filters on Instagram can give you and your SO the sweetest reason to laugh. The Who is more __? effect by @vamonke will be the first of these kinds of filters you two will want to try. It has three different versions you can play, and it askes you to answer the questions by tilting your head. Try it out and see how many questions you answer similarly.

More Love by @annasedokova

The More Love effect by @annasedokova brings out the reds, oranges, and yellows in your space. It makes these warm and welcoming colors pop, to remind your followers that love is always in the air. Use it with your SO when you're sharing a sweet breakfast together or snuggled up in bed.

YOUR BOYFRIEND IS... by @juliataskaeva

Have you ever wondered who your celebrity boyfriend would be? This effect by @juliataskaeva, called YOUR BOYRFRIEND IS..., will let you and your SO find out. The options are endless, and include Cole Sprouse, Tom Holland, and Zayn Malik. Good luck!

who is ur true love? by @wnmlmmr

Your SO is your one true love, right? That doesn't mean you can't try out this filter, though, that decides which zodiac sign you pair best with. Save who is ur true love? by @wnmlmmr to find out, and see if you and your bae match up. The universe is anxiously waiting for your answers.

u make me blush by @claire_most

Does your SO make you blush with their sweet text messages and the cute things they do around your apartment? Then look no further than u make me blush by @claire_most. This filter puts an adorable stream of hearts on your cheeks, and shows off your flirty love for your SO.

Grateful by @mariefeandjakesnow

Last but not least, show how grateful you are for your SO with Grateful by @mariefeandjakesnow. Like the very best filters for selfies on Instagram, this effect deepens some of the colors in your space and balances the highlights and shadows around you. It's perfect for capturing a lazy day at home, or your love chilling on the couch.

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