If You're Considering Giving Your Boo A Framed Pic Of You, Read This First

In a world of digital everything, sometimes a little old-school romancé goes a long way. From making your boo a mixed tape to writing them a literal love letter on paper, there are endless ways to show your boo that you care in the material world that are totally adorable. If you're thinking about doing something a little vintage-inspired and sweet to show you partner you love them, giving your partner a framed picture of yourself may be the perfect thing. But there may be a few things to consider before wrapping up a snap of you for them to show off.

According to life coach Nina Rubin, the most important thing to consider before giving your partner a framed picture of you is placement. "Where is this picture supposed to go?" Rubin says. "If it’s risqué, it may not be appropriate for a living room. Also, some pictures don’t blend well at a work environment, so be cautious to give memorable pictures that signify a special moment but won’t draw too much attention." Thinking about where your partner will put this picture can help you in choosing the best shot to frame. If your partner called in sick to their office when you really went to the carnival, a pic of you both kissing and eating cotton candy on a rollercoaster (impressive multitasking btw) may not be ideal for their desk. And if you're thinking of giving your boo a sexy picture of yourself, it's definitely worthwhile to check in your partner before hand to make sure they are comfortable with the gesture before surprising them with your sexy self laid out in a five by seven plastic frame.

If your partner is a private person, while they may be into the intention of your gesture, they ultimately may be a little uncomfortable displaying the framed picture. "Some people are not into photography and showing off memories — they may like to keep their loved one more private," Rubin says. "Each person has a threshold for comfort and privacy." Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin MS, LCPC, Certified Imago Therapist, and co-founder of The Marriage Restoration Project, agrees with this sentiment, and attests your partner's preference for privacy isn't indicative of their feelings for you. "Depending on the time of picture and the nature of your relationship (dating, marriage, etc..), your partner may not feel comfortable prominently displaying your picture so keep that in mind," Rabbi Slatkin says. "Some people are more private and do not want to display their personal life, so it is not necessarily a sign of rejection." If your boo likes to keep things private, has a strict job setting or an overbearing family, they may not be super comfortable displaying a picture. Their privacy doesn't mean they aren't super stoked to date you, but it may mean you should check in before giving them a picture and putting them on the spot.

If you're thinking your boo isn't super into public displays, there are tons of fun and flirty ways to give your boo a physical picture of you that may be more private. "You could give a wallet-size picture that can be kept privately and not displayed — that way you the gesture is similar but does not need to be something that is for the public," Rabbi Slatkin says. Additionally, Rubin suggests making a shared photo album. "Create a shared album for the two of you. Tell them how it’s important to you but don’t make them [feel] wrong," Rubin says. "Instead talk about what makes you so happy about the pictures!" Making your partner a cute scrapbook with small notes or memories from your relationship, like concert tickets or napkins from restaurants you love to go to can be a super cute way and old school way to show your partner you care, without pressuring them to display your relationship in a way they may not be super comfortable with.

Of course, if you're sure your boo would be into it, if you have an amazing picture and a cute frame — have at it! Giving your partner a framed picture of the both of you or just you can be a super sweet way to show them how you care. Insider tip: You can get photos printed from your phone at a CVS or RiteAid with a photo center for, like, 22 cents a print. And HomeGoods always has awesome frames for awesome prices (literally under five dollars). You heard it here.

If you're thinking about giving your partner a framed picture of yourself, think about where you see them putting it. Choosing a pic that's appropriate for a public setting may take some checking in with yourself and your partner. If you're dating someone who's a little private, consider giving them a picture for their wallet or making a scrapbook for the both of you to look over together. When it doubt, talk it out. No relationship is picture perfect, but talking about framed photos can make everyone smile and say "Cheese!"