12 Old-Fashioned Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them That We Should Bring Back

In my childhood bedroom, there's a photograph from a celebrity-themed party I attended in middle school in which a pack of tween girls dressed as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Regina Spektor. I am dressed as Janis Joplin. Since grade school, I have been captivated by the '60s and '70s. So, when it comes to finding old-fashioned ways to show your partner you love them, I got you. I, like, really got you.

Old school love tactics don't need to emulate the movies or cost millions of dollars. I, as well as most of my generation, am #balling #on #a #budget, hunny. Affordable but adorable is the name of the game. You don't need to dress the part to take part in some fun old school lovey-dovey stuff — but let me tell you, it's fun. Also, platform clogs are very cute and trending right now.

No matter what you're wearing, showing your partner you care can be a fun way to add some electricity to your beaming love. Take a minute to think of something that they would love, without phones or screens.

For my fellow old souls, here are 12 old-fashioned ways to show your partner you love them.

Write a love letter, on literal paper.

A physical letter on physical paper gives your partner something that they can hold on to. You can collage and color on it, spray fun perfumes, or dye the paper with tea or food coloring. Writing gives you a chance to express yourself in a new way, and always for you to tell your partner your thoughts and feeling directly in one swoop. They can be short post-cards or Rachel and Ross at the beach house-style 18 pages.

Call in a song to the radio.

Of course, you may not even have a technological contraption that let's you listen to the radio, so maybe you can call an Uber and hear it from a car radio. Calling in your boo's favorite song, and sending it along with a sweet message is totally retro and dreamy.

Have a song that's "your song."
TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Whether it's the tune that was playing in da clurb when you first crossed paths, or an emo song you both loved in middle school and would write on your binders, take the initiative to have song that is just for you and your boo. Let them know when you hear it in the grocery store or send it to them when they're feeling down.

Birthstone Bliss
The Odyssey

Wearing your partner's birthstone or jewelry with their initials on it can be a cute way to show them you care (and a cute way to get yourself a present). Thrift shops and estate sales normally having amazing jewelry at affordable prices. You and your boo can go together and pick up sweet pieces to exchange.

Have a phoneless date night.

Leave your phones at home and go out for a meal or a walk in the park. Giving your partner your full attention, and not feeling pressure to constantly take pictures or get your picture taken, can make for a romantic time that is truly focused on connecting.

Buy a disposable camera and make something with the pictures.

Instead of scrolling through the album on your phone, get a disposable camera and take pictures of the amazing times that you and your boo share. Get the pictures developed and make a cute scrapbook, a hanging display, or a fun photo wall.

Walk them to the door.

Grabbing your boo at the door is way hotter than a "here" text. If you're really feeling up for it, try getting you boo at the door for your next date. Park your car! Get out of the Uber! Heck, go out of your way to get to their house to meet them and walk to the restaurant together. Bring flowers or wine or something fun. At the end of the date, it's cute to walk your boo back to their place, and make sure they get in all right.

Send flowers (or snacks)!

Show up to your next date with flowers just because (seriously, they're like $4.00 at Trader Joe's) or send some flowers to your boo's work or home. If not flowers, think candy, a cute key chain from the gas station, their favorite seltzer, or something little that made you think of them. Giving your boo a little treat for no reason is cute, thoughtful, and colorful way to say you were thinking of them.

Ask them to go steady.

Of course, it's fine to "hangout" or be "talking" to someone for as long as you want. It's also OK to directly ask someone on a literal date, not a "hang out" or to acknowledge when you're "going steady." Whether you and your boo do it Grease-style and exchange a leather jacket or Breakfast Club-style and trade a pearl earring, having a moment where you really DTR with a physical trinket is old school and really cute.

Talk on the phone.

Giving your boo a call to ask how their day was, or to plan your next day is a sweet way to connect. Rather than a text, sext, Snap, or DM, a phone call lets you hear your partner's voice, and demands your direct attention.

Go on a date to a record store.

If you really want to feel groovy, take your date to a record store and pick through old albums. Most shops have a dollar section, find a cover you both like and get each other fun albums to start (or add to) your collections!

Reclaim the pinning.

OK, so from what I know, "pinning ceremonies" are historically straight, frat-driven, and kinda objectifying. But in my opinion, the future is genderless and it's time to reclaim the tradition of making a statement of your love and dedication to your boo. Perhaps you can both buy pins (or some other little thing to wear) for each other, and have a cute night where you exchange them, either among friends or in private.

From buying flowers to walking your date to the door, there are tons of lessons from old-school dating tactics. Of course, the joys of modern dating like Grubhub and Netflix aren't bad either. Caring for your boo looks different for everyone. And showing your loved ones how you feel is something that never goes out of style.