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If You're A Cancer & Your Sister Is A Scorpio, You Were Made For Each Other

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Whenever I'm in the mood to analyze a relationship, I tend to look to astrology for answers. After all, what would astrology be without compatibility? It's fun to know which signs work together and which signs work against each other. So if your sister is a Scorpio and you're a Cancer, you're probably wondering how that affects your relationship.

However, it's rarely ever that simple. There are still millions of different ways a Scorpio-Cancer relationship can play out because you've got way more going on than your sun sign. You've got your moon sign, rising sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and a lot more to consider. Your birth charts tell a very detailed and nuanced story that simply can't be summarized by just one zodiac sign. And, as any relationship goes, compatibility also depends on how mature both parties are. You could be 100 percent astrologically compatible, but if anyone in the relationship is operating from a low spiritual vibration, frustrations are bound to ensue.

With that being said, Scorpio and Cancer are both highly compatible zodiac signs. Both are made of the element water, which governs spirituality, emotion, intuition, and the subconscious. No matter how the sisterly relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio goes, they'll be able to connect in an almost unspeakable way due to their shared watery nature. However, with so much water in the same family, it can also make it difficult to find balance.

If you're wondering how the relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio pair of sisters might reveal itself, keep reading:


Cancers Are More Emotional While Scorpios Are More Mysterious

You'd think a pair of sisters who were born under water signs would get along beautifully — and you'd be right. After all, this means their sun signs form a trine, which is the most harmonious and smooth-sailing aspect to have. So, consider yourselves lucky because not every astrological combo can say they're this compatible.

Cancer is an ocean of emotion. Ruled by the moon, which governs your inner world, this zodiac sign is ultimately most concerned about what happens within. Those born under the sign of Cancer are famous for being overly compassionate, caring, sensitive, and protective. This is because they can pick up on the energy in the air with their intuitive power, which helps them understand others on a deeper level.

Scorpio isn't so different. Ruled by Pluto — planet of the underworld — Scorpio is ultimately connected to all things that remain unseen. While others may look at life through a superficial lens, those born under the sign of Scorpio can't help but dig deeper and search for authentic meaning in life. This makes a Scorpio someone with an incredibly rich spiritual life and an intense understanding of the human psyche. On these levels, a Scorpio and a Cancer can connect powerfully.

Even though these zodiac signs were clearly made for each other, all sisters bicker and disagree every now and then. In fact, you could say a Cancer could have the tendency to want to emotionally smother their Scorpio sister, which could leave the Scorpio begging for some space. On the other hand, Scorpio has the tendency to be overly taboo and provocative, which could make a sensitive Cancer sister uncomfortable.

To give you a more tongue-in-cheek description of this pair, think of the Cancer sister as the one who's always baking cookies, while Scorpio is the one listening to dreary emo music all night long. Cancer is the one who's always crying during sad movies, while Scorpio hates it when their emotions seep through. Obviously, those are very specific examples, of course, but you get the idea.

No matter what, when a Cancer and a Scorpio get together, there's bound to be a powerful connection.

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