If Your Relationship Is Super Sexy, You'll Notice These 11 Signs

Relationships take on many forms. Whether you and your high school crush fell happily in love or you've been exclusively smooching your college cutie for a while, falling in love means something different to everyone. After dating someone for a while, you may start to wonder if your red hot love is losing a little steam. After a couple of months, or even years of being a party of two, it's natural to question if your relationship is super sexy. (Spoiler alert: Of course it is, you queen!)

Still, if you're looking for ways to turn up the heat — talking to your partner about your sexy fantasies and exploring more about what you may be into can be a totally hot way to open up the conversation. No matter how long you've been dating, if you're feeling your boo — your relationship is totally hot, regardless of how often you like to get frisky or how intense you like to get when you turn up the heat. As long as your relationship is consensual and mutually supportive, there's no doubt that it's at a Flamin' Hot Cheeto level of spicy.

Here are 11 signs your relationship is super sexy.

You're Into Each Other, Even When You're Not At Your Cutest

From early morning kissing before you've brushed your teeth to late-night snuggles when you're wearing your night guard and old yoga pants with the crotch holes — your relationship is super sexy when you're into each other all the time. People get sick, people get fired, people have terrible days. Life isn't all champagne and sexy panties. If you and your boo can still get it on when you're not all dressed up, it means the heat is really turned on.

You Can Talk About Your Bodies

Whether you can openly discuss your period or you make your boo pick up your IBS meds for you — being able to openly talk about your bodies mean you and your boo are totally hot. Being open about what your body needs shows a level of connection to a partner that makes the sex, well, totally sexy.

You Know What Each Other Likes

In the bedroom and out of the bedroom — being in tune with your boo's preferences means your relationship is super hot. It takes a while to get to know someone, especially in a, ahem, sexual way, and finding all the things that make them tick can be like a totally fun and super sexy study session. Knowing what your partner is into is a sign of a piping hot relationship.

You're Clear On Boundaries

Apart from knowing what you and your boo are totally into, knowing what's not for you is super important and super sexy. Whether you and your boo are into bringing other friends into the bedroom or you're both totally against getting it on in the shower — having clear boundaries that you've both agreed upon is a sign of a super sexy relationship.

The Sex Isn't Alway Spontaneous

Although sometimes, the heat turns up spontaneously, other times, the sexiest relationships take a little planning. If you and your boo plan ahead the nights you get it on, or if you love to schedule sexy vacations months in advance — planning when you're going to get frisky can be a sign of a super sexy relationship.

You Feel Strong And Confident On Your Own

You and your boo may be unstoppable between the sheets — but there's still something super sexy about feeling good and strong on your own. A romantic relationship is super fun and fulfilling, but it's still important to be your own person and have your own life. Remembering to take some time for yourself can be a sign of a super hot relationship.

You Still Feel Yourself

Getting frisky with your boo may be #everything, but it still can be super important to take some time for you to feel yourself — literally. Sexual self-exploration can be a great way to learn more about what you're into or what feels right for your body. It can also be a great way to stay in tune with your own body before getting it on with your boo.

You Feel Comfortable And Safe

Sometimes the sexiest things come from a solid foundation. If you feel comfortable and safe with your partner, and you trust that they are going to respect your body, it can be easy to really let go and enjoy your sexy times. Talking about safe words, healthy boundaries, and sexual preferences with your boo before getting it on can set you up for ultimate sexy times.

You're Down To Try New Things (*Consensually*)

If your boo has a thing for bondage or you've always been interested in incorporating toys — being willing to try new things (in a consensual way of course!) can be a sign of a super sexy relationship. Exploring what you're into can be a great way to learn about your body and what makes you feel good.

You're Not Afraid To Do Something Awkward

When trying new things with a boo, it can be super sexy to create a safe space for silly things to happen. Whether you botch your lines while role playing or you bonk heads while trying a new move, being able to embrace the awkward moments can be a super sexy sign that your relationship is thriving.

You Have Serious Time, Too

Life isn't always sexy. If you and your boo can talk about life, family, work, school, or whatever else you're dealing with — being connected in other ways can help your relationship be super sexy. Whether you plan nights to talk about bills or life plans in addition to you sexy nights, or if you have some clear boundaries on work-talk, being able to be serious with your boo and separate the serious times from the sexy times, can be a super sexy sign.

Of course, no matter what your relationship looks like, being in love is super hot — every step of the way. And when it comes to finding heat in a relationship, sometimes talking about your feelings, creating space to learn new things with a boo, and getting it on in whatever way feels right can be the sexiest sign of all.