Taking Cool Detail Shots Of Your Outfit For IG Is Easier Than You'd Think

If you're a lover of Instagram like me, then you're always thinking about how you can take your feed to the next level. You're tapping the follow button on accounts that pop up on your Explore page, and shopping for pieces to add to your closet that are trendy and photo-shoot ready. Can I give you the scoop on how to take outfit photos for Instagram?

Curating a quality feed is about switching up your usual travel, lifestyle, or beauty content and giving the details some time to shine. It's about embracing lighting even if its not golden hour lighting and challenging yourself to think outside of the box. In my opinion, social media is a platform for creativity, inspiration, and showing off life in all its glory. (Although I do love a good double-tap, let's not make it into a popularity contest, OK?)

Simply put, even if you didn't win "Most Artistic" in your high school yearbook, give yourself the room and space to create. Put on the most electrifying or chic outfit in your closet and grab your camera. Find a cool wall in the middle of your city or a bush filled with blooming buds and flowers, and put these tips and tricks to the test. Here's exactly how to take outfit photos for Instagram.

Decide What Part Of The Outfit You Want To Focus On

First things first: When you're taking a photo of your outfit for Instagram — or any social media outlet really — you need to decide what part of the outfit you want to focus on. Did you just get a new chunky belt you want to show off? Are you super in love with your jeans and French tuck that would make Tan France from Queer Eye so proud?

These are the important questions you need to answer, people, before clicking any button on your digital camera. The #look will be the composition of your photo and take up most of the frame. The way you styled your leather boots or added a little bit of gold jewelry to brighten up your attire is legendary. But those details won't be the focal point unless you actively decide they should be.

So figure out what the highlights of your outfit and pieces you want to tag are, and consider how they'll flow in your feed, too. Then, think location.

Consider The Background Of Your Image

Although your outfit can, and should, take up a majority of your frame, the location of your photo is important. It helps to give your followers a glimpse into your lifestyle, personality, travels, or creative eye.

It keeps things interesting on your profile, and really captures a moment in its entirety instead of a single pose. It challenges your followers to see more and spend time with the picture, instead of double-tapping on it and scrolling to the next one.

So when you're preparing to shoot your outfit, ask yourself, "Are you telling a story with this picture?" If so, make it clear and known. Show off the busy streets of your new city or the coffee shop you've been visiting on the reg, and utilize details like the stripes of a crosswalk. It'll make all the difference.

Work The Angles You Never Think Of

Whenever I pick up my camera or phone to take a photo, I try to think differently. That's what being creative is all about — imagining something new and exciting, and making it happen IRL. When it comes to your outfit pics for Instagram, it's key you adapt this same mindset and work the angles you never think of.

Get an aerial shot of your lap so your followers can see the buttons and beautiful colors on your dress. Ask the bestie who takes all of your pics to snap a few from below. Pretend you're stepping on the camera to put the focus on your shoes.

In addition, consider zooming in on the delicate stitching in your sweater or dainty rings you have on your hand, and doing poses you've seen on your favorite influencers' accounts. You may be surprised with the results.

Make The Most Of Props Or Accessories

Props and accessories will never fail to take any photo shoot to the next and dreamiest level. Seriously, think about all the pics you've "liked" recently; they probably included a colorful piece of fruit, a film camera, or a whimsy pair of sunnies. They made you say, "Wow! That's so creative and cool," and want to text your besties and have a photo shoot as soon as possible.

You can embrace bunches of flowers and printed scrunchies, and have the same effect on your followers. It just takes a little practice and extra thought before tapping the share button.

I'd start with thinking about your outfit, the story you want your picture to tell, and the location you're planning on shooting in, and seeing what items would make sense to include. Then, I'd use them to create movement, humor, or interest in my ~arsty~ composition.

Edit Your Picture To Highlight Your Outfit At Its Best

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Editing is one of the best parts of taking pics for Instagram. Whether you're traveling to bucket list destinations or capturing detail shots for your feed, it makes the moment stand out and highlights its best features.

It brings out the warm colors in your fall look, or tones down the blue in the sky so the focus is on your props and pose. If you choose to mess around with the light curves, then you may find your photo begins to feel a little vintage too.

Take time to download the best preset packs for the season or work in the latest and greatest editing apps before declaring your pic is done. I pinky promise you'll discover an entirely new aspect of social media that's creative to its core.