How To Stay Grounded In Your 20s, If Your Head's Already In The Clouds

Being 20-something isn't always smooth sailing, but it's better to not get caught up in the whirlwind. Seriously, some days the drama and balancing your schedule feels overwhelming AF. You may begin to get worked up over little things, like the fact that the barista forgot to put the caramel in your macchiato, or you spilled a bit of your smoothie on your shirt. When did it get like this? If you're wondering how to stay grounded in your 20s, it's actually quite simple. It's your life to live, but styling it just right will keep your head out of the clouds.

You would think a decade would go by slow. But soon enough, you'll be onto the next best thing in life, and have missed out on all the sweet moments that are happening in the present. Sure, paying the rent bills and cleaning your apartment on a lazy Sunday might be getting old. Did I mention yet that you have big presentation on Monday, and look at all of your friends hanging on the beach! Oh boy, here we go again.

Just like that, you're off to another planet on a rocket ship going a mile a minute. It happens to the best of us. I mean, after all, life has a ton of unexpected curveballs. Lucky for you, though, there are seven ways to stay grounded in your 20s. Welcome back to Earth.

Disconnect From Your Screens

Do yourself a favor if you're trying to get grounded, and disconnect from all of those screens. Take a breather from your laptop, your phone, and every social media app in between. You likely bring your devices with you to the coffee shop, and prop them up on the elliptical at the gym. Looking back, you can't remember the last day you didn't check Instagram.

It won't be easy, but even texting back a bit slower will make all the difference. Sometimes, you may be caught up in what else is happening in the world purely because you have all of that information at your fingertips. Close out of those tabs and leave your phone on the charger while you experience life, OK?

Don't Try To Figure Everything Out

If you've been trying to figure out every aspect of your life, you've probably given yourself a headache. You've spent time comparing other people's situations to your own, or crunching numbers for your apartment. Trust me, I know how overwhelming that can be, and even a bit scary because you don't know exactly what's going to happen next. But, trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together isn't ever necessary.

Instead, focus on what you can control. You're in your 20s, and truly right where you're supposed to be. One day you will have all of the answers, but staying grounded means living in the moment and finding out the future when it comes.

Focus On Making Yourself Happy

The only person you can truly make happy is yourself. You could depend on your friends and family constantly, or go out and create a life all on your own. Personally, I'd rather have my thoughts and feelings be on my terms — wouldn't you, as well?

In your 20s, you have to find a balance between being a part of other people's lives, and creating your own. Part of that is knowing when you need to put yourself first, and taking control of your own happiness. Be a little bit selfish and follow your own passions.

Always Be Honest

Honesty should always be your best policy when it comes to yourself and others. Nothing will keep you grounded more than the truth. You want to make sure you're feeding your brain, body, and soul with only the best. That means ditching the drama, and going with your gut when it speaks loud and clear.

Life is simpler — although it can also be a bit harsh — when we're straightforward with one another. There's likely at least one girl who's always blunt in your friend group, and she does the dirty work when others would rather spare some feelings. Yes, there's a beauty to beating around the bush, but honesty gets us right to the point.

Stay Close To Your Roots

Your 20s will take you to all kinds of places in the world. But, that doesn't mean you need to leave behind your roots. In fact, staying close to your friends and family will help to keep you grounded. So, no matter where you wander, you should always find a little time for FaceTime, or even a flight back to your town.

The people who have been there since day one will be a constant reminder of the origins of your personality. They've always steered you in the right direction, and know when your head is in the clouds. Nobody will be able to bring you back down like your besties from home, let's be honest.

Have Healthy Relationships

If you're trying to be a more grounded person, it's key that you ditch the drama and have relationships that are really healthy. These are friends or significant others who you can be yourself with, and completely trust. This may also mean not having certain friends in your 20s who bring you down. After all, those people aren't doing you any favors if they're tearing you apart every day.

Simplify As Much As Possible

Everything doesn't always have to be so complicated. In fact, the more you try and simplify your life, the more grounded you will be. Sometimes, you may have such a hard time making decisions because you create too many options. You try picking out an outfit to wear, but your closet is cluttered with shirts that would be better off donated. Even finding a time to hang with your besties becomes a chore, because your planner is just too packed.

Slow down and keep things simple. You'll be able to think clearly, and will probably get a lot more done, too. Imagine that!

So, being down-to-Earth in your 20s isn't necessarily about finding zen or figuring everything out. It just means rearranging your lifestyle, so that you feel a little less lost in space.