The Ideal New Year's Eve Hairstyle For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Kim Carpluk

The start of 2018 is nearly here! That means the time has come to harness trusty astrology to determine how to do your hair on New Year's Eve (and if you haven't ascertained your ideal NYE makeup look by zodiac, check that out, stat). No need to let indecisiveness paralyze you, or waste time wondering whether a straight and sleek look, or a mermaid-esque pony, will pair better with your metallic blue shadow. All you need is faith, trust, and the zodiac to guide your beauty way.

Hopefully, you've found the perfect outfit to slay your friends on NYE. If you're a go-getter, you've probably also decided on how to do your makeup. So hair might be your only hangup right now, and that's OK! Hair is hard. I'm a pro makeup artist myself, and I'm still a little hair-inept. Unless I see a step-by-step tutorial that breaks the style down easily for me, I'm stuck with my everyday uniform of semi-vintage-inspired waves.

These 12 videos will make you life super easy, because even the most complex-looking style is a cinch to recreate. So grab that texturizing spray that's been sitting in your bathroom for forever, buy some elastics, and set aside some time for trial and error. This year, astrology is getting us glam AF for NYE.


Dear Capricorn, a low and elegant bun is the best hair look for you this NYE. It's easy, so you won't have to spend a lot of precious time practicing it. Plus, your hair will be out of your face all night so you won't have to keep brushing stray strands out of your eye line.


Are you ready to rock and roll your way into the new year, Aquarius? A gorgeous mohawk braid will show off your edgy fashion sense while still looking elegant.


Whimsical Pisces, this half-up-half-down-kinda-messy-cute style will definitely be your NYE go-to. It's soft and romantic, but still quirky, just like you.


This two-minute rope braid will go you the perfect amount of edge, Aries. It's so easy, but looks truly regal.


Pump up the volume with a full and fluffy pony, Taurus. Trust me, you'll be feeling pop star vibes all night long.


Crown your head with this gorgeous double dutch braid, Gemini. It's elegant and modern and much, much easier than it looks. Pair it with a dark bold lip, and you'll perfectly balance modern edginess and vintage romanticism.


What is more perfect for a Cancer than literal mermaid hair? Mermaid hair color not necessary to recreate this look, but it certainly does help. You might feel the urge to talk a midnight stroll barefoot along the beach somewhere.


Let your curls loose on NYE, Leo. Let's be real: the bigger, the better. Your hair is your pride and joy, so you better show it off in every way possible.


Convey the ultimate Virgo vibes with a wavy side-swept look. Give this classic look a little modern twist by incorporating a loose braid.


Old Hollywood glamour will be the perfect accent to your romantic look this NYE. The waves will frame your face perfectly, drawing attention to any glitter on your eyes or luscious lipstick on your lips.


Let the drama reign, Scorpio, with straight and sleek hair. Might as well enter 2018 ready to slay all your enemies and even some lovers.


Effortless waves are perfect for you, Sagittarius. That way you can spend more time looking for a stranger to kiss when the ball drops.

Now that your hair's in check, have a happy NYE, friends. I can't wait to see what the stars have in store for us in 2018.