Glossier's Pro Tip Eyeliner Is Here, & It's Under $20

When a brand is bold enough to market a new product as "everything you want in a liquid liner," they've got the beauty community's attention. More often than not, diehard makeup lovers might be skeptical of such a strong claim, but given Glossier's track record, many believe this launch can live up to the hype. Pretty much everyone is buzzing about how much Glossier's Pro Tip Eyeliner costs, where to shop it, what it's really like to use, and above all, if it's *actually* everything you could want in a liquid liner.

Glossier has a knack for banging out cult-favorite beauty products in Instagrammable, millennial pink packaging, so any and all new launches instantly send the beauty community into a frenzy, to say the least. Glossier is everywhere, y'all, and it's the sort of brand that's both effective to use and cool to be seen using — with that in mind, it's no wonder fans are going wild over the announcement of the brand's first-ever liquid eyeliner. While Glossier Play, the brand's more colorful range, features beautiful, vibrant pencil eyeliners, this new debut marks Glossier's first foray into liquid formulas, aka winged liner territory.

Meet Pro Tip Brush Point Liquid Eyeliner ($16,, available now on the Glossier website and in Glossier stores:

At under $20, the price point is pretty darn great, not to mention quite competitive, as many popular liquid eyeliners at Sephora sit in the $20-$35 range. Pro Tip is available in just one shade, a classic black, and Glossier claims it has been tested by both ophthalmologists and dermatologists and deemed hypoallergenic and safe for those of us who wear contacts.

Now, let's talk about how it applies:


Pro Tip features a brush tip as opposed to a felt tip, so it's a little more flexible when it comes to drawing lines, which, as a winged liner newbie, I find to be quite helpful. The formula itself dries down super fast, and in addition to being easily buildable and smudge-resistant, the brand claims it should last up to 12 hours on the eyes with zero issues. TBH, it sounds like this really is everything I want in a liquid liner. To find out for yourself, shop Pro Tip on the Glossier site now.