These Precision Liquid Liners Will Give You The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

by C Mandler

It's hard to think of a more classic, always reliable makeup look than a cat eye. Across the board, they pretty much look good on everyone, and it's an easy way to amp up any outfit. To achieve the perfect cat eye, however, you need to master the tricky art of liquid liner. Drawing wings is no easy task, but if there's one way to make it easier, it's by investing in one of the best liquid liners for cat eyes.

If you're relatively new to dramatic eye makeup — or even if you're not, because let's face it, it's always difficult — you might be wondering how to get the perfect cat eye. You'll want a line that starts thin and gets thicker before it turns into a swooping wing on the outer corner of your eye. Some folks prefer a shorter line that gives your eyes a little extra oomph, and some prefer a big wing that extends along the diagonal towards the thinner edge of your eyebrow.

If you're just starting off, you might want to go for a more simple look and use a liner stamp for help. Once you've graduated from beginner to advanced, then maybe you'll want a thinner-tipped option, or you're willing to spend a little more money for a higher-quality formula. We've included all these choices and more in the list below.

The Easiest-To-Use Cat Eye Stamp For Beginners

This amazing eyeliner stamp is perfect for someone who's just beginning their foray into liquid liner and/or cat eyes. Perfecting your wings takes practice, and sometimes, you just needed an added boost to get you started. This eyeliner stamp by LA Pure comes in two sizes — an 8 millimeter and a 10 millimeter — so whether you prefer a light line or heavy line, this product is for you. Each order comes with two pens, each made with a stamp specifically for your right and left eye, allowing you to get a perfectly even application every time. Additionally, the formula is smudge-proof and waterproof, so whether you're swimming, sweating, or crying, your cat eye isn't going anywhere. With a 30-day money back guarantee, there's truly no reason not to try this life-changing liquid liner stamp.

The All-Around Best Liquid Liner For A Cat Eye (& My Personal Fave)

This Stila liquid liner was the first one I ever bought for myself and now, eleven years later, I haven't looked back. This smudge-proof, sweat-proof, waterproof formula really does stay on all day, and believe me, I was a three-trimester athlete for most of high school (not well, but skill aside, I'm a big sweater). While I'm still married to my original black liquid liner for the perfect cat eye, this puppy comes in 12 different colors, which is the most comprehensive shade range for a quality liquid liner I've ever seen on the market. My personal favorite is their dark green shade, Moss, which looks almost black in dimly-lit rooms, but shines unmistakably green in the light, making any eye color really pop in the sun. While this is the most expensive option on the list, one tube will last you months, and because the formula sticks the first time around, you won't need to waste product doing touch-ups during the day.

The Best Liquid Liner Pen For Folks That Need A Little More To Hold On To

This baby didn't get an "Amazon's Choice" stamp for nothing!

This baby didn't get an "Amazon's Choice" stamp for nothing! I know that something that requires as much precision as eyeliner isn't an easy task, but it's even more difficult for folks without full mobility of their hands. Whether you've got shaky fingers or a chronic illness that affects your digits, I wanted to include an option that would make application at least a little easier for you — especially because I couldn't find an article anywhere about liners for people who are differently abled. This NYX Curve Liner has an ergonomic handle that's much easier to grip with a full hand than cylindrical liners, and the tip of the liner is fine-pointed and flexible, giving you maximum control over formula application. While this innovative product may only come in black, its unique shape makes it worth it, and anyway, who doesn't love a good dark cat eye?

The Best Budget-Friendly Potted Liquid Liner

This potted liquid liner from Almay is by far the cheapest item on our list, but trust me when I say that the low price point does not affect the quality. This water-resistant formula — which Almay says provides protection for up to 16 hours — comes in a black for your edgier cat eyes and brown for a more natural, subtle, swoopy wing. The flex-tip applicator makes applying product simple for even the more inexperienced cat eye enthusiasts among us, and this eyeliner is even dermatologist-tested, making it hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive-eyed folks who may be afraid of getting makeup in their contact lenses. The inkwell design is perfect for those who want to control exactly how much product they're putting on their brushes, allowing you to customize your cat eye experience to the max.

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