Glossier's New Eyebrow Pen Will Give You The Brow Arches Of Your Dreams


When I first discovered the magic of a power brow upon getting mine tinted and threaded for the first time, I was shook. Shaping and filling in my brows totally transformed my features, and I now revel in crafting the perfect arches every morning. Glossier's Brow Flick eyebrow pen, which launches today and promises to help strengthen, define, and shape, is therefore about to be my new favorite beauty sidekick. I'm a Glossier super fan so anything the brand creates is bound to make my eyes pop, but this new pen, which launches today, is an especially welcome drop.

Having recently launched Bubblewrap ($26,, their eye and lip plumping cream, and relaunched their skin-perfecting Super Serums ($65 for three,, it's safe to say Glossier is out for total industry domination in 2019. In March, Fortune reported that the brand has a $1.2 billion valuation, and their New York City flagship store is so successful that a line to enter often snakes out of its front door. This all goes to say that Glossier is proving its staying power as one of the trendiest and most loved brands in the market, and if you've tried out any of their products then you definitely know why. They're as legit as they come, which means their Brow Flick pen ($18, is sure to be no different.

"Your brows are already great (you know that). But maybe you want more. More definition, more color, more brow in places you think deserve more brow. That’s why we made Brow Flick," begins the product's description on Glossier's website. Maybe I want more of all of that? I definitely want more of all of that! Available in three sheer shades — blond, brown, and black — the pen allows you to add precise, natural-looking strokes to your brows and craft them into mini masterpieces, whatever that might look like to you. Simply start with clean brows, use the pen to etch them in as you see fit, and wait 15 seconds for it to dry. Voila! The formula is long-lasting and smudge resistant, so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day, yet it'll still wash off easily at night.

If you're a fan of Glossier's Boy Brow ($16,, you can finish off your arches with a coat of it on top. I use Boy Brow every single morning and can honestly say it's one of my favorite makeup products on earth, so the fact that Brow Flick is recommended to be used in tandem with it makes me super stoked to try it out. The two products work so well together that Glossier is even selling a Brow Flick and Boy Brow Duo ($30,, which saves you $4 as opposed to buying them separately. If you've been less than satisfied with your brow products in the past I highly suggest trying these out.

For a super natural summer look, I'll be amping up my brows with the new pen and dabbing on some of Glossier's Generation G matte lipstick in Crush ($18,