Here's where to get the Jonas Brothers' Coors Light bottles to celebrate their reunion.

You Can Get Coors Light Bottles With The Jonas Brothers' Faces On Them

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Courtesy of MillerCoors

OK, you guys, this is news you may have to see to believe: You can buy a limited-edition Coors Light pack with all three Jonas Brothers on the bottle's label. Even more exiting is that fact that the band even had a hand in brewing this limited-edition batch. How did this happen? Well, just know that the JoBros have been Coors Light fans for years, and now you can sip a very cool product of that fandom when you find out where to get the Jonas Brothers' Coors Light packs. I mean, how often is your happy hour libation brewed by your favorite band?

First, I wanted to know how this odd collab came about. Apparently, it really isn't so unusual that the trio of famous brothers would happen to collaborate with their fave beer company. In fact, their love of Coors Light has been pretty obvious if you follow the band closely. For instance, Joe Jonas had Coors Light at his wedding to Sophie Turner. Yep, the groom was swigging Coord Light at his fancy French wedding reception. And then, if you saw the "Only Human" music video, you may have noticed Kevin with a bottle of Coors Light. The moment was anything but subtle. Obviously, the JoBros have a pretty heartfelt relationship with the beer. In that case, it isn't too surprising that the band would feel compelled to stop by their fave brewery while they were in Colorado for their Happiness Begins Tour.

Courtesy of MillerCoors

On Oct. 1, the band stopped by the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado. Later that night, they were scheduled to perform at the Pepsi Center in Denver, according to the official press release from MillerCoors. Katie Lombardi, marketing manager for Coors, stated that the visit was "an awesome day for everyone, and we were so excited to have them come out and see the place and be part of the whole process of learning how to brew." So, if you've been wondering if the Jonas Brothers really had any hand in making this special batch of beer, the answer is yes.

Courtesy of MillerCoors

This limited-edition batch of Coors Light with the Jonas Brothers label was indeed brewed with the help of all three brothers — as they got involved in the brewing process and learning a bit about how their fave beer is made.

Where can you find this fantastic label with the JoBros as the famed Coors mountains? If you're 21 years or older and in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa, or Nashville, you are some of the lucky ones. The Jonas Brothers' Coors Light bottles will be available in a six-packs via goPuff, a digitial retailer. These packs will be sold for the typical cost of a Coors Light six-pack, per the brand. The price is going to vary depending on your area, but if you're uncertain, they're usually between $6 and $8. But, don't start hastily adding to your cart just yet. The JoBros' limited-edition Coors Light packs will not be available for purchase until mid-November 2019, per the release.

So, even though it might seem like bed new that you have to wait a little while longer before you can pick up a pack, that also means that you can plan a little road trip to the cities where they're being sold if you aren't currently residing in one of the "chosen" ones.

Courtesy of MillerCoors

Heck, you guys aren't the only ones who are excited to see the Jonas Brothers' faces on the label. Kevin, Joe, and Nick made expressed their excitement in a statement in the official release, saying:

We are long-time fans of Coors Light and were really excited to be invited out to the Coors brewery. We can’t wait for our fans to try the limited edition six-packs of Coors Light that we helped to brew. And it’s pretty amazing that our faces are on the iconic mountains on the bottle.

TBH, who else can say they've had their face on a Coors Light label, or any beer label for that matter? According to his Instagram post of the historic event, Joe Jonas certainly thought it was the "Best. Day. Ever."

In other JoBros news, did you know that Nick Jonas will be joining The Voice for Season 18? Or, did you manage to catch the Jonas Brothers music video with Diplo? The bros have been up to big things.

IDK, though, even with all the awesome things the band has been up to, it's kind of hard to beat having your face as the Coors Light mountains and learning how to brew your fave beer, am I right?

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