Rosalía's Zodiac Sign Says She'd Be A Sweet & Playful Partner

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering her warm energy, carefree attitude, and zest for life, Rosalía's zodiac sign should come as no surprise for the astrologically inclined. Rosalía was born right at the start of Libra season, on Sept. 25, 1993. Symbolized by the scales, Libras are all about love and beauty. They're sweet but bold, live to indulge in art, music and fashion, and go hard for their loved ones. Sound familiar? Rosalía is a Libra's Libra, which is evident when you think about her tendencies as a romantic partner.

Libras Lead With Empathy

Libra is one of the most thoughtful signs of the zodiac. Yes, they can be prone to overthinking, but a Libra's intellectual and observational skills get put to good use by the touching gestures they make for their significant others.

Based on her sign, Rosalía would probably be the type of partner who'd send flowers to your job, or order your favorite food to your apartment when you've had a long day. She'd listen intently as you vent about politics or gush about your dreams, and would be your shoulder to cry on through thick and thin.

They Have A Flair For The Dramatic (& Expensive Taste)

"Dramatic" is an understatement when applied to Libras like Rosalía. But I mean, have you ever heard "MALDICIÓN," or any track on El Mal Querer for that matter? Have you ever seen homegirl flamenco dance? She's proof that being a dramatic air sign is far from a bad thing. That being said, this quintessential Libra quality is apparent in Rosalía's style.

Her hair, makeup, 'fits, jewelry, and nails are consistently eye-catching and glamorous. As your partner, Rosalía would want you to look just as fly as her when stepping out together. (No wonder she reportedly dated Spanish rapper C. Tangana, whose Instagram is a master class in vintage aesthetics meets modern BDE, and probably why fans shipped Rosalía with the forever-fashionable Bad Bunny.)

This is a woman who wants two Bentleys (see: "Millionária") and looks forward to sangria and Valentino in palaces ("Aute Cuture"), if not the Hamptons. Even if you were opting for a chill look, she'd probably suggest you top it off with a Supreme hoodie or pair of Alexander Wang sweatpants.

They Love To Play

As Rosalía's partner, you'd be on the receiving end of her playfulness via flirty texts or absurd memes. You'd have a blast doing typical air sign date-night things, like belting your hearts out at karaoke or taking spirited dance classes together. She'd be game for prank wars, spontaneous weekend getaways, and trying new things in the bedroom.

They Have Spirited Arguments

Expect some impassioned, Oscar-worthy arguments as a Libra's partner. Air signs in conflict go from being breezy, laid-back individuals to, well, tornadoes. But Rosalía's wrath wouldn't be fueled by rage. It would be half-fueled by her conviction in her beliefs, and half by indignation that she even has to argue with you in the first place. Libras, in particular, just want to keep the peace.

They're Loyal AF

If you want a partner who's going to be your rock or pull the metaphorical trigger for you (as she says in "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" with Ozuna), start dating Rosalía or any other fellow Libra. They take love, in all its forms, seriously. Through good times and bad, Libras do whatever they can to nurture your relationship and help you grow.

Whether it's her attentive tenderness, her equally endearing goofiness, the undoubtedly luxurious gifts she'd give, or the emotional support she'd provide, it's safe to say that La Rosalía would make the ideal Libra partner.