Here's What We Know About Rosalía's Relationship Status

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Thanks to Rosalía's infectious, flamenco-tinged bangers, bejeweled sword-length acrylic nails, goddess-level street style wardrobe, and a personality that’s half-sweetheart, half-IDGAF, it's hard not to stan the Spanish pop star. If you've been jamming out to “Con Altura,” "Aute Cuture," or “A Palé” lately (or you've scrolled through her Instagram account, like, once) you’ve probably wondered whether the bad b*tch that is Rosaliá is currently dating anybody. Turns out, she keeps her personal live pretty private, so it's hard to tell for sure.

The singer has never verbally confirmed a relationship with anyone, famous or otherwise. In April 2019, Bad Bunny posted an Instagram of him and Rosalía hanging out backstage at Coachella, captioned, "creo que me enamoré 💖," which translates into "I think I fell in love." Likewise, Rosalía posted a snap of the two hugging that same night, with the flirty caption "q haces mañana??" or "What are you doing tomorrow?" Naturally, fans started shipping.

But Bad Bunny's and Rosalía's Instagram rapport seems more playful than actually flirty. When asked about Bad Bunny's seemingly love-lorn post at the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Rosalía said, "No, come on! He's a friend. He's a good friend. And it's cool, the picture, right?"

Fans got riled up all over again when both Bad Bunny and Rosalía posted some smiley photos of themselves looking hot and having dinner together in June 2019. That same month, the two re-confirmed that they're just friends. In Rosalía's Q&A with Bad Bunny for Interview Magazine, she asked him, "What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about you?" to which he replied, "That you and I are 'bad bunnies!' They have me p*ssed off with that."

Prior to the fan-fueled Bad Bunny saga, Rosalía reportedly dated C. Tangana, a Spanish rapper. [Elite Daily reached out to representatives for both Tangana and Rosalía for comment on the reported relationship, but did not hear back by the time of publication.] In 2016, the two dropped the song "Antes de Morirme." The video is ripe with all kinds of sensual imagery: Tangana singing with his lips a hair's breadth away from Rosalía's mouth, her head nestled on his shoulder, and his head in Rosalía's lap while she tenderly strokes his hair.

The two continued to collaborate, with Tangana being credited on Rosalía's album El Mal Querer as the co-writer of eight songs ("Malamente," "Que No Salga La Luna," "Pienso En Tu Mirá," "De Aquí No Sales," "Bagdad," "Di Mi Nombre," "Maldición," and "A Ningún Hombre"). The two reportedly went their separate ways in 2018, according to Billboard Magazine.

Unless she's keeping a romantic relationship very much on the DL, it looks like Rosalía is single. All wishful thinking aside — looking at you, Bad Bunny shippers — if there's one thing Rosalía has proven time and time again, it's that she's totally a force to be reckoned with by herself.