5 Date Ideas For The Air Sign Lover In Your Life

valentinrussanov/E+/Getty Images

If your partner is an air sign, chances are this Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini hit you up at a friend's party, on a trip to the museum, or at your favorite local bar, and you haven't been the same since. Air signs are known for being intellectual. They love to learn, but not just for the sake of knowing. Air signs like to learn things to apply them to their life experiences, and to improve the lives of others with that knowledge. That's why if you really want them to have a good time, date ideas for air signs should be ones that get to the heart and soul of who they truly are.

From a platonic perspective, expect your air sign best friend to gather the Twitter tea on your favorite celebrity couple or pour over current events from the field you're getting your degree in. If you're dating an air sign, you can trust them to read the book you mentioned on your first date together, or look up recipes for your favorite dish and send you all the best ones. Because of how loving they are, and how invested they are in learning new things, any date where an air sign can strengthen a skill, get a new life perspective, and make the people they cherish happy will be a golden experience in their book. Here are five date ideas that an air sign will truly enjoy.

Hit Up A Karaoke Bar

If you've for an air sign (Gemini in particular), you know they tend to thrive off attention and adoration. If you can compliment a Gemini's wit, a Libra's fashion sense, or an Aquarian's life choices, you'll definitely make your date blush.

What better way to present them with a fun challenge and give them a chance to be charming than with karaoke? Your air sign date may play coy in the beginning, but they'll be belting out Lizzo, Queen, and Beyoncé with confidence in no time. And honestly? It'll be super hot.

Attend A Concert

Attending a concert with an air sign is truly an experience. Once you've secured tickets, your crush will definitely text you weeks in advance about their outfit and whether it fits the "vibe" of the artist. You'll probably trade links to interviews or stay up late analyzing song lyrics in preparation for the show.

Of course, the perfect 'fit might require (and if you're dating a Libra, it will require) a shopping trip, and an air sign can't shop alone. They also might hint at you coming over to listen to the set list with them or figure out logistics for the big day. Basically, attending a concert with an air sign is actually several dates in one, and they probably planned it that way.

Attend A Festival

Air signs love learning something new. An underrated way to have a bunch of fresh, educational experiences is to attend a festival, be it a food, arts, or culture themed.

Part of being a breezy air sign means that Libras, Geminis, and Aquarians often get bored. Festivals have no shortage of activities, foods, and people to keep them constantly stimulated on your date. In turn, your sentimental air sign lover will definitely cherish the T-shirt, ticket stub, or taste for a new food that they acquired as a souvenir from your date.

Anything To Do With Dance

"Dinner and a show" is a tried and true date format. And while an air sign would love to spend hours dissecting a film with you, they would also enjoy watching a ballet and analyzing it afterward. Air signs would also probably also enjoy hitting up a jazz club with you, or breaking a sweat as salsa class partners.

Libras in particular have a deep appreciation for aesthetics, and dance is beauty personified. Of course, any Gemini or Aquarian would find something thoughtful to take away from the storytelling aspect of dance. Whether you hit up a hip-hop studio's show case or bachata night at the club, a dance-related date is one an air sign could really get behind.

Tackle An Art Project Together

And last but not least, you and your air sign date can do an art project together. This activity will get both their creative juices flowing and their heart aflutter with the chance to collaborate with their crush.

Geminis would love the organized destruction that is splatter-painting or tie-dying. Your Aquarian boo might rope you into a 1,000-piece puzzle or even an elaborate Lego set. And what says "Libra" more than a making a perfectly color-coordinated vision board?

Whether you go on all of these date ideas or just draw inspiration from a few of them, these intellectually stimulating, wholesome, art-focused date ideas will show your air sign boo that love is truly in the air.