8 Moms Explain How You'll Know If You've Met The Love Of Your Life & AW

If you've been in love before — but this time, it feels different — you may be wondering how to tell if you've met the love of your life. Will the gates of heaven open? Will there be a big neon sign? Will a flashmob break out in the middle of the city and do a dance to Old Town Road? I can only dream.

Sometimes, falling in love can feel like a movie. There are moments when you look into each other's eyes and it feels like you and your boo have been transported to a beautiful field of flowers, with inspirational music playing in the background. Other times, love is hard and painful, or even frustrating. Through all the ups and downs, however, there is one constant: Mothers give amazing advice, and even if I sometimes hate to admit it, they are usually right. When it comes to knowing if you've found the love of your life, asking a mom can be the best way to get some deep insight. They've lived longer and have seen more than you have, so they may know what really matters. And although not everyone has a mom or a maternal figure in their life (and that's totally OK, too), there still can be something to be gained from the wisdom of other mothers.

I asked eight moms how to tell if you've met the love of your life, and what they said is so, so good.

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You'll Know That Something Is Special
It will just feel right and really special. And you'll think, 'Yes, I could see a future with this being and could see us happily ever after.' You just know there is something special about the person and it grows.

— Donna, 54

You Even Enjoy The Boring Stuff
You'll know when you even enjoy doing mundane things with them. Going to the post office or the grocery store. You're happy to do little things for them or make little sacrifices. You want to see them even when you're tired. You want to see them when it's boring or when it's not sexy or exciting.

— Maureen, 60

It Will Be Easy
It's easy. Just marry someone you can laugh with and don’t take yourself too seriously.

— Kimba, 48

You'll Feel Safe
You feel safe and in control, but you still feel excited, like you want to live a life with this person. It's not boring, but it's stable.

— Irina, 59

You'll Feel A Sizzle
You feel the sizzle. You have to wait for the sizzle.

— Lena, 5

They Challenge You
They bring out the best in you but they also bring out the place that you need to grow. They challenge you and make you better and most importantly, make you want to be better. It's not perfect or easy all the time, but you are willing to get through the tougher times together.

— Heather, 55

You Want What's Best For Each Other
If you know they have a big day at work you won't be mad if they don't want to go out with your friends. If you know their family is super important to them, you'll listen to the same story about Easter 90 times. You want what's best for each other, not just what's easiest for you.

— Lisa, 49

You Can Tell Them Anything
When it's real you won't be guessing or wondering. You won't be censoring yourself or worried that they're not on the same page. You'll be able to tell them anything, ask them anything, and bring up anything, and you know they won't make you question anything.

Of course, it's totally possible to have many loves of your life. From friends to hobbies — love comes in all sorts of forms, and no matter where you are in your journey, you know what you are feeling in your heart. Knowing that you've found "The One" looks different for everyone. Still, sharing your feelings with these strong and powerful ladies can be totally amazing.