The Best Dating Advice From Moms, According To 18 Daughters Who Swear By Their Mom’s Wisdom


When it comes to dating advice, there's one person I trust more than anyone — my mom. And I bet your mom has some pretty wise tips, too. Because unlike our friends, our moms have decades of wisdom when it comes to dating, breakups, singledom, and marriage. They've been through it all. So, dating advice from moms tends to be pretty legit.

Sure, a lot has changed since my mom was last single in 1987. (Tinder didn't exist back then, and the dating app's founder Sean Rad was still an infant who probably swiped at Cheerios instead of humans.) But the basics of dating have stayed the same, and that's why you shouldn't discount what your mom has to teach you about finding love.

I'm glad I've turned to my mom for dating advice over the years.

In 1997, she taught me that boys chase girls at recess because they have crushes — and two decades later, I think that holds up outside recess, too.

In 2007, when I felt weird about towering over my eighth-grade boyfriend at our school dance, she told me that the height difference didn't matter as long as I was happy otherwise.

And in 2017, when I was stressing out over what to get a new boyfriend for Valentine's Day, her first suggestion was "Lingerie!" (I went with a cocktail shaker for his bar cart. Would he have appreciated lingerie more? Probably. See, moms are always right.)

In that spirit, I asked 18 women about the biggest lessons in love they've learned from their moms.

— Karina, 24

— Claire, 24

— Catherine, 22

— Grace, 23

— Jessinta, 20

— Claire, 30

— Jasmine, 24

— Laura, 25

— Marissa, 22

— Remy, 23

— Sofia, 26

— Annie, 24

— Hilarey, 27

— Sara, 21

— Amanda, 29

— Hannah, 23

— Becky, 21

— Elyssa, 28

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