Here's How To Get The 'Avengers' Instagram Filter to match with your fave superhero.

Find Out What Superhero You Are With This 'Avengers' IG Filter

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The Instagram filter trend just keeps on growing. With everything from Disney to Taco Bell filters appearing in your friends' Instagram Stories, you probably thought you'd seen them all. Now, you can find out which Marvel superhero you are with an Avengers filter. Here's how to get the Avengers Instagram filter to see which character you are.

The Avengers Instagram filter's creator, @nofar.shoshan, is responsible for bring this viral filter to the 'Gram. The "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter is starting to gain popularity, thanks to Mark Ruffalo's video of himself using the filter. The Hulk himself captioned with the comment, "Which #Avenger am I? You won’t believe the SHOCKING result." The video, to no surprise, shows Ruffalo being matched with the Hulk.

Like the other "Which Character" filters, using the filter is simple — you just record a selfie video with your Instagram Camera and watch the cards flip above your head until it selects your character. Locating the filter, however, is a little bit more difficult. Since these fun filters aren't found in the "Explore" section of the Instagram Camera filters, you'll need to do a little digging to get it.

Look through your friends' Stories.

Everyone has at least one friend who finds all of these AR filters before you do. Watching your friends' Instagram Stories might lead you to the Avengers Instagram filter with these steps:

  1. Find a friend who posted a Story with the "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter, and the title, "Which Marvel Are Y?" will show at the top of their Story.
  2. Tap the title and look at the menu options: "Try It," "Save Effect," "Send To...," and "More."
  3. Choose "Save Effect." This will save it to your Instagram Stories filters.
  4. You'll find the filter in your Instagram Camera to the left of the shutter button.

Ask a friend to share the filter with you.

If you've seen a friend use the filter but missed getting it yourself, ask them to send it to you in a Direct Message.

Your friend will go to the "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter in their Instagram Camera, and then choose "Send To..." from the menu options, then they'll select your IG account.

  1. You'll find the "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter in a DM. Select the filter image.
  2. This will bring up the menu, where you can click "Try It" to test it out or select the save arrow to save it to your Instagram Camera.

Get it straight from the creator.

Save the "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter to your Instagram Camera by going to the creator's account:

  1. Enter the creator's IG handle, @nofar.shoshan, in your search in the app, then click on her account.
  2. You'll need to follow her to gain access to her filters tab. Then click the "Smiley face" tab, which you'll find right next to the post grid tab after you've followed her.
  3. The "Which Marvel Are Y?" filter will be on the list. Click on it, then save it to your Instagram Camera with the down arrow.

The Avengers filter on Instagram is just one of many fun character filters out there. After you find out who your superhero is, you can try the other popular AR filters, like the Harry Potter and Friends filters. Your Stories are about to filled with all your fave characters.