Here's How To Get 'The Office' Filter On Instagram, so you can match with your fave Office character...

Find Out Who You'd Be On 'The Office' With This Hilarious IG Filter


Specialty Instagram filters are having a real ~moment~. First, there was the Disney Instagram filter, which tells you which Disney character you are, and now The Office filter is circulating on the 'Gram, offering up users their Dunder Mifflin counterparts. Although these filters are increasing in popularity, it may take a little bit of effort to locate them. To help you get in on the fun, check out how to get The Office filter on Instagram, so you can channel your inner Dwight, Kevin, or Michael.

The Office filter, which was created by @anton.alpen, is similar to other filters that randomly select a character for you in a fun AR spinner above your head. Using the filter is super easy. Once you've selected the "which Office person" filter on the 'Gram, you'll just need to record a video in selfie mode within the Instagram Camera. Once you begin recording, the filter will begin its scroll and continue until it lands on a character. It's all random, which means one try could get you Dwight Schrute, while another could get you Pam Beasley or Jim Halpert. If you want to match with a specific character, you can keep trying until it happens. However, you can't join in on the filter fun until you've actually located the filter yourself.

Find The Office Filter Within Your Friends Stories

You can start by watching your friends' Instagram Stories to see if any of them have shared a video using it.

  1. Find a friend's Story with the "Which Office person" filter.
  2. Locate the title, "Which Office person," at the top of their Story.
  3. Click on it and see the menu options: "Try It," "Save Effect," "Send To...," and "More."
  4. Select "Save Effect" to save it to your Instagram Stories camera filters.
  5. The filter will be available to use in your Stories camera whenever you want.

Have A Friend Share It With You

If one of your friends has already used the filter, you can simply have them share it with you in a Direct Message.

They'll just need to click on the "Which Office person" filter in their Instagram Camera, select "Send To...", and click your account.

  1. After they've sent you the filter in a DM, click on the image.
  2. You can either select "Try It" on the bottom left or click on the save arrow to the right.
Instagram / @anton.alpen
Instagram / @anton.alpen

Find It From The Creator

Follow these simple steps to save the "Which Office person" filter to your Stories camera:

  1. Type the creator, @anton.alpen, into your search bar in the app and select his account.
  2. Follow him and then click on the "Smiley face" tab (the middle tab, next to the grid for posts.)
  3. Scroll down and select the "Which Office person" filter. From there, you'll be able to save it to your Stories camera to use.
Instagram / @anton.alpen

Once you've saved the filter, you can use it whenever you want and enjoy matching with your fave characters from The Office.