Meghan Markle's Reaction To The Flower Crown Filter Is So Dang Sweet

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

In my next life, I'm aiming to be a princess or a duchess or really any form of royalty, but until then, I'll just continue living vicariously though Meghan Markle. Currently royalty IRL, Meghan just might be the most lovable and wholesome royal of all time. If you need proof, well, I've got it. Prepare to have your heart stolen with this video of Meghan Markle trying the flower crown filter. That's right, the Duchess of Sussex is a total social media maven.

In what just might be the most adorable piece of content ever, Meghan tried out a crown filter on Instagram for the first time and was beyond excited about it. It all went down during her tour to Johannesburg, South Africa, and the video footage of the moment is a must-see. In the clip, Meghan meets Nikiwe Dlova, the founder of a company called Own Ur Crown, who recently created his own Instagram filter. When he let Meghan try it out, her face completely lit up!

Now, I'm sure that Meghan has plenty of actual crowns at her disposal at any given time, which only makes her pure joy at this Instagram filter that much sweeter. Dlova was sure to share the magical video to Instagram for all to see.

Dlova reflected on the life-changing moment when sharing the clip. "Lastly she owned her crown with our Instagram filter we collaborated on with @will.hurt and @maxwellmutanda 😁😁 she loved it!! When she looked away she realized it was the same headpiece I was holding! This is an experience I will never forget!!! Thank you again @southernafricaarts—you can try the filter on my bio," he told his followers.

However, as silly as Meghan can get, she also got plenty serious during her tour throughout South Africa. That same day, in her final speech on her tour, she shared some serious inspo for those in attendance. Meghan may have deleted her Insta a while ago, but the Royal Sussex account was sure to spread her inspiring message.

"I remember being a young girl watching TV and seeing what was happening in the world, and frankly, often feeling despair," the Duchess said in her speech. "When you constantly see and hear negativity, it can be overwhelming; you can feel powerless, and lost, you can feel different, confused, or like you just don’t belong. And I’m sure there is a young girl or boy watching this and thinking the exact same thing. So, this is for you. In a world that that can seem so aggressive, confrontational, and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it."

She continued: "Because whether you’re here in South Africa, at home in the UK, the US or around the world, you actually have the power within you to change things, and that begins with how you connect to others." Preach Meghan, preach!

The meaningful speech was undoubtedly the highlight of the day, but this flawless footage of Meghan trying out the crown filter is the icing on the cake.

Watch out, influencers. There's a new social media star in town!