20 BLACKPINK Words Every BLINK Needs To Know

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By now, everybody has heard of BLACKPINK because there's not a day that goes by where the group isn't taking over the internet. Whether it's with a selfie or a music video release, they always have fans buzzing over their breathtaking visuals, charming personalities, and undeniable talents in singing, rapping, and dancing. With so many things to love about them, it's no wonder BLACKPINK has millions of fans from all over the the globe who help them break countless YouTube, Billboard, and Guinness World Records. But with joining a massive fandom like BLACKPINK's comes the need to to know all the BLACKPINK words the members and fans have come up with over the years. And there are a lot.

If Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé have captured your heart, here are all the words you need to know as a fan so you can keep up with all your fellow BLINKs!


Speaking of BLINKs, it's one of the words you'll hear most often within the fandom because it's the name for BLACKPINK fans. As you may have guessed, it's a combination of "black" and "pink."


"BLACKPINK Diaries" are vlogs fans can watch on YouTube following the girls' travels around the world and behind-the-scenes clips of their many projects.


BLACKPINK House is the name of the group's variety show that premiered on the Korean television station JTBC in 2018. It documents BLACKPINK's everyday lives doing anything from mundane routines like cooking and laundry to more exciting things like zip lining and visiting the aquarium. It's currently available to watch on BLACKPINK's VLIVE channel.


"BLACKPINK in your area" is the iconic phrase used in many of the group's songs. Lisa says the line in "As If It's Your Last" and "How You Like That," while Jennie and Rosé sing it in "Boombayah."

Hear Lisa say it at the 0:08 mark below.

BLACKPINK In Your Area is also the name of the group's 2018 Japanese album and their 2018 arena tour.


A comeback is when an artist releases new music and promotes it through live performances. In the past, BLACKPINK's comebacks usually included an EP, new single, and a new music video dropped all at once, but, lately, the group has been changing their promotion strategy.

In June 2020, they made their comeback with a pre-release single, and in August, they'll release a second single in preparation for their album's arrival in October 2020.


A concept is a look or aesthetic an artist goes for in their latest comeback that involves major hair and fashion changes.

BLACKPINK always alters their concept to fit the theme of their music, making their comeback that much more exciting for fans.


D-Day is the date something will release, so if you see D-1, that means there's one day until the project being promoted arrives. Most of the time, it will be used to refer to BLACKPINK's comeback date.


A fancam is a recording a fan takes of a group's live performance, but usually zoomed in on a single member's performance.

Often times, fans use fancams as a way to promote their fave's latest comeback. The fancam below of Lisa dancing to Jason Derulo's "Swalla" has over 10 million views.


A fansite is exactly what it sounds like: It's a website run by fans where people can find high-quality pictures and videos of an idol. Fansites often share their content on Twitter, too.

Light Stick

A light stick is a form of merchandise used by fans to show their dedication to a certain artist. BLACKPINK's light stick, which incorporates the colors black and pink in its design, is shaped like a hammer and makes a squeaky sound when hit.


LiliFilm is the name of Lisa's YouTube channel where fans can find videos of her dancing or traveling around the world with the other members. At the time of publication, Lisa has over 3.7 million followers. No biggie.

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Maknae refers to the youngest member of a group. In BLACKPINK's case, that's Lisa, who was born in 1997.

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Positions are roles a member has within a K-Pop group. While all the girls sing and dance, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé are BLACKPINK's lead vocalists, while Jennie and Lisa are the main rappers. Lisa and Rosé are the main dancers.


Selca is a Korean slang word that combines "selfie" and "camera." In other words, it's a selfie.

Solo Tracks
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Having a solo career while simultaneously being a member of a group isn't the norm in the Western music industry, but it is in K-Pop. So far, Jennie is the only BLACKPINK member to have released a solo track (aptly titles "Solo"), but YG Entertainment confirmed Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo are next.

'Star Road'

BLACKPINK Star Road is another one of the group's shows on VLIVE. Produced by Osen, it includes the girls playing games, talking with each other, doing Q&As, and more.

'The Album'

Ever since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, fans have been asking for a full-length album. On Oct. 2, the group will finally release their highly-anticipated record, which they're, quite fittingly, calling The Album.


A trainee is someone who is an idol hopeful training with an agency to debut as a K-Pop idol. It often takes years of intense training before an idol debuts.


VLIVE is a South Korean streaming service many K-Pop idols use to interact with fans. On BLACKPINK's VLIVE channel, you'll find livestreams, music video teasers, behind-the-scenes clips, and episodes of their shows like Star Road and BLACKPINK House.

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is BLACKPINK's label and management company. Apart from BLACKPINK, it currently reps artists like Big Bang, Winner, iKon, and Treasure. Meanwhile, some of its former artists include Epik High, 2NE1, CL, and Lee Hi.

Now that you know all the lingo related to BLACKPINK, you'll be in the loop whenever you chat with other fans.