What To Get Your Crush If You've Got Them For Secret Santa — Besides You, Of Course

I try to organize every Secret Santa I'm ever a part of, so that I can rig the name-pulling and maximize the fun. If I know there's love in the air, I'll do my part to bring the star-crossed lovers together, by way of the $5-$15 present. Perhaps all we need to know about getting your crush for Secret Santa, we can learn from episode ten, season 2 of The Office, titled "Christmas Party." Where Jim pulls strings to get Pam (his crush) for Secret Santa and makes Pam a personal and thoughtful gift, which gets lost in the shuffle as the coworkers decide on spot to do a gift exchange game. Spoiler alert: They ended up getting married, so clearly it worked.

Whether you traded for it or if the stars smiled upon you — getting your crush for Secret Santa can be a smooth way to show them how much you care, and how awesome you are. A little gift can be a laid back way to say, "Happy Holidays!" or a bold way to say, "I think we should get married!"

No matter where you're at, here are six ideas about what to give your crush when you've got them for Secret Santa.

Something you've heard them complain about.

If your crush always forgets their keys or if they hate bland food — getting your crush a key chain with a hook or cool small batch hot sauce — something you've heard them talk about, shows that you listen to what they say and care about their needs. If they're addicted to Red Altoids and always run out, or seem to mention a record they really want but haven't been able to find, use your Secret Santa status to show your crush how good you are at creative problem solving.

Something just practical.

If you're not ready to tell your crush how you feel or if you're afraid to make a scene in front of others, a practical gift can remind your crush that you're a smart and caring person, without saying anything more. Something like warm silly socks or a cool minimalist thermos are cute things that don't push any limits. If you're really nervous about your crush finding out you like them, think about a gift they may get from their favorite aunt — something practical and a little quirky and fun, but definitely not romantic.

Something that shows your talents

If you like to make things or if you're amazing at thrifting, giving your crush something you created or a vintage gem you hunted for shows off your creative side. Maybe you find an old jersey of a sports team you know they like, or an old magazine from the 60s. If you're a potter or a painter, giving your crush someone you made just for them is a cute way to show off your talents — and how good you are with your hands.

Something to do with you.

Maybe give your crush an interesting book that you've already read enabling a conversation about the character arch of the protagonist — over dinner. Or maybe get them a ticket to a concert or a game — that's conveniently seated next to the ticket you bought for yourself. You can totally use Secret Santa as a means to start a conversation with your crush, even to get that first date.

Something they can wear/use everyday.

Literal clothing can be tricky to buy for, well, anyone. You may not know your crush's size or style. But something like a cool canvas tote, a fun reusable shopping bag, a Carhartt winter hat, or Moroccan leather wallets (they're actually like $10, I have two) are stylish basics and easy gifts. Plus, if they use it everyday, they'll probably think of you every time they have it on.

Something they can treat themselves with.

Presents can be a good way to give someone something they would really appreciate, but may not buy for themselves. The perfect Secret Santa gift can be as easy as a little trinket that reminded you of your crush — like a lighter with their astrological sign on it you copped at the gas station or a journal with a funny message on it you saw at a bookstore. If you know your crush likes fancy body products or weirdly expensive kombucha, but won't splurge on it for themselves, Secret Santa can be your way of saying, "You deserve it!" And more, "You deserve me."

If you're starting to stress about getting your crush for Secret Santa, take a deep breath. The holidays are a time for fun, celebration, and being with the people you care about. Anything you get your crush will be thoughtful, breezy, and awesome! Because at the end of the day, the best present is you — and that's no secret.