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Gigi Hadid's Message To Bella Hadid Before The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Was So Sweet


The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally aired on Tuesday, Nov. 28 on CBS, and the models slayed the runway as expected. One Victoria's Secret Fashion Show veteran was missing from the show, however. As previously reported, Gigi Hadid was supposed to walk in this year's show but wasn't able to obtain a Chinese visa in order to take part in the show in Shanghai. In a show of support before the show started, Hadid posted on her Instagram story cheering on her sister and the other models. Gigi Hadid's message to Bella Hadid before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is ultimate big sister moves, and it's super sweet. The older Hadid sister said on her Instagram story,

She posted a pretty much flawless photo of Bella Hadid during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show along with it, and I immediately thought "Why don't my sisters post such nice pictures of me?"

Then I realized there are no pictures of me that look this level of good, so, like, I get it.

Other than Bella Hadid's nip slip, Bella had a pretty stellar night! Of course, the show edited out the little slip up so as to keep things PG-13 during the show, but Hadid totally played it off like a rockstar when the show was being filmed on Nov. 20 in Shanghai.

The 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show performers also crushed their performances because they are all precious angels and we must protect them at all costs. Harry Styles took to the stage to perform "Kiwi" and "Only Angel" from his Harry Styles album (which went criminally unappreciated in the 2017 Grammy nominations, in my not-so-humble opinion). Tony winner and all around angel of light Leslie Odom Jr. performed his cover of "Winter Song" and I sobbed, and Jane Zhang and Miguel absolutely slayed me with their performances. Our girl Gigi had to watch from afar, though. Hopefully, next year, she won't have to.

Hadid first announced she wouldn't be walking in this year's show in a tweet posted on Nov. 16.

The tweet read,

Kendall Jenner didn't walk in the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show either, but that's because she has a strict contract with another lingerie line, La Perla, that prevented her from being able to audition.

Hadid was super excited to be walking in the show, calling it "forever and ever and ever a dream come true" to be able to walk in it another year on her Instagram on Aug. 28.

Her post said,

Hadid reportedly wasn't the only person who was supposed to be at the show but couldn't because they couldn't get a visa. Originally, Katy Perry was rumored to be one of the performers at the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but she had to back out because she couldn't get a visa, just like Hadid. The executive producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and chief creative officer at Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, said in a statement to People that the performers were locked in months before the show, and he made no mention of Perry. He said,

Whatever the case about the visas is, the show was still epic.

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