Worst Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Could Be A Bit Overwhelming For These 3 Zodiac Signs

by Valerie Mesa

Whether you consider yourself the superstitious type, or can't help but find thrill in all things spooky, some things are simply unexplainable. When looking to the stars for validation, however, Friday the 13th November 2020 will be the worst for those with personal planets in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Although, keep in mind, this has nothing to do with being unlucky. Sometimes the stars don't align in your favor, but it's up to you to make the best of it.

Before taking a closer look at Friday the 13th November 2020's astrology, let alone falling for the historical negativity surrounding the number 13, it's important to acknowledge the meaning behind this day. Also known as "Venus-Day," Friday is the day of the Goddess. In the Middle Ages, Friday was seen as a day to celebrate, and the number 13 was sacred, as it represents the 13 moon and menstrual cycles that occur each year. Something else to keep in mind is, everyone has equal amounts of the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies.

Nothing to do with gender and everything to do with energetic expression, divine feminine energy expresses itself in an emotional and spiritual way. The sacred masculine, however, makes itself know via physical and perhaps even creative ways. Needless to say, Friday the 13th brings forth a haunting essence swirling with ancient witchery that's impossible to ignore. To top it off, the sun, moon, and Mercury will be traveling through one of the most mystifying signs in the zodiac: Scorpio.

Here's why Friday the 13th will be the worst for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius:


Aries: You're Confronting Your Shadows And Fears

Despite the relief of your planetary ruler, Mars, stationing direct today, Scorpio's polarizing energy always makes you feel some type of way, as it activates your mysterious eighth house of intimacy, transformation, shared resources, and death of the ego. The sun, moon, and Mercury will be shaking up this area of your birth chart, while the sun links up with Jupiter-Pluto in your ambitious career sector, foreshadowing an important new chapter, perhaps in regard to your financial authority or partnership. Venus will be hovering over your relationship sector, all the while squaring off with Jupiter-Pluto, so make sure to play it fair.

Leo: You're Having Conversations You'd Prefer To Avoid

Rip off the bandage, Leo. Today's astrology isn't necessarily peachy, but this doesn't make it any less important. With the sun, moon, and Mercury lighting up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations — amidst your planetary ruler, the sun, making a sextile to Jupiter-Pluto in your sixth house of daily due diligence — you're likely dealing with responsibilities in your personal life, which is never a walk in the park. Venus will also shake up your communication sector all the while squaring off with Jupiter-Pluto in your in your sixth house of due diligence, foreshadowing paperwork, or perhaps financial agreements with relatives. Do what you gotta do.

Sagittarius: You're Keeping To Yourself More Than Usual

Don't solely focus on the negative, Sagittarius. Mars goes direct in your fifth house of romance, pleasure, and self-expression, which reignites the fire in your heart. Although, given that the sun, moon, and Mercury will be activating your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes — while the sun links up with Jupiter-Pluto in your second house of finances, values, and self esteem — will likely challenge you to own up to your self-worth, and perhaps lay low for a while. On a brighter note, this could also awaken your inner mystic, so feel free to partake in your own rituals, if you feel the call.