The Meaning Behind Friday The 13th Is Actually Positive, According To Numerology

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy / Jesse Morrow

Friday the 13th is a feared phenomenon. If you ask any superstitious person, this day is up there with walking under a ladder on the sidewalk or having a black cat cross your path as you're walking to your car. It's difficult to know exactly where the fear or meaning of Friday the 13th has its origin story. This is the second time we've had a Friday the 13th this year, with the first occurring in January, so we've been through it already. But the fact is that according to numerology, the number thirteen doesn't have such a negative connotation.

The meaning behind tomorrow's date is actually a positive one. Thirteen in numerology symbolizes pragmatism, creating a grounding and stable influence to build on in the future. Hopefully this article will help those who actually suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, a phobia that was named for — you guessed it — fear of Friday the 13th, to be a little more pragmatic about their fears. Honestly I'm more afraid of having to ever spell that phobia than I am of Friday the 13th, but to each their own. Here's how the meaning behind this day, usually fraught with peril, changes when you look at it from a numerology perspective. You have nothing to fear, so turn that frown upside-down, weirdos!

The themes of the number 13 in numerology are as follows:


The number 13 in numerology symbolizes a day that vibrates well for concentration. Instead of focusing in on your fears and superstitions, this is a day that bodes well for setting your mind on a project you want to make progress on. Just think if we were able to take all that focus we've put on fear and put it on productivity. Now, consider the fact that you actually ARE able to do that, and do it. This day endows us with the power to concentrate, so we're able to catch our runaway thoughts and turn them back to what it is we really want to accomplish.


I love the irony that for one of the most superstitious days of the year, numerology considers this number to be one of pragmatic thought. I believe it, too. I've found that for every one person who is legitimately scared of Friday the 13th, there are 10 people yelling about how "it's just a dumb superstition!" This date vibrates with a grounded energy, allowing people to put aside their silly worries and superstitions and move forward with laying the groundwork for their goals and plans.

Creating A Stable Foundation

The 13 numerology number is one that vibrates best when you have a specific project to focus on, without distractions. If you're someone who gets all freaked out and throws rationality through the window on Friday the 13th, try using the energy of this day to focus on a personal or work project. You can make great strides if you have an artistic project to zero in on, as this is a number that also supports creativity.


Lastly, the number 13 is associated with the theme of freedom. The opposite of freedom is — you guessed it — fear. So, if you need to do a meditation to release your fear, you can spend some time the morning of Friday the 13th focusing on surrounding yourself in a white, protective light. Feel the weight of your fear lifted off your shoulders as you recognize your power; you are an infinite being! Think about it: Of all the things you can choose to believe in, why choose fear? There's so much more to this day than what you've been taught about it.