The New Moon Is In Libra This Month, Here's What That Means For Your Sign

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy / Luke Gram

Last week's full moon was a doozy; we had the fiery sign of Aries housing an emotional full moon, and many of us might have felt we'd reached a personal boiling point. I know I did, and many of the people around me did as well. (Read: Everyone I knew was breaking up with their SO like "byyyyeee, b*tch!") But the new moon of Oct. 2017 is in Libra, and we'll all have a chance on Oct. 19, when this new moon falls, to make some adjustments to our list of personal prerequisites. You can apply those prerequisites in any way you want.

New moons are about #goals. Whether you want to upgrade from a partner with a car to one with a personal jet, or from a boyfriend with an air mattress to one with an actual bed (LOL who cares if he lives with his mom, he has a bed!) your goals are yours to set. You can reach for the stars or the curb of the sidewalk; life is full of choices! No matter what though, the theme of this new moon is going to be around the theme of partnership and collaboration in all its forms.

Your Social And Love Life

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus, so no matter what sign you are, this new moon will infuse your life with creativity, specifically in your relationships. The problems that came up during the full moon in Aries now have a chance to really settle down as you come up with creative ways to problem solve, or to settle into a new arrangement that both parties will be pleased with.

Venus is a planet of social graces, compassion, and pleasant feelings between people. It suggests ease of communication and good vibes. So if the full moon had you feeling like you burned your social life to the ground, this new moon gives you the chance to replace the trash you surrounded yourself with before with a new support system, and to get it right this time.

If you went through a breakup around the full moon, you'll start to meet new people around the new moon that might brighten your outlook about your newfound freedom. Remember, just because a relationship didn't work out long-term doesn't make it a failure. New moons give us the chance to integrate the lessons we learned at the full moon, and to use those lessons to inform our choices in the future.

Your Work Life

Did you leave your job during the full moon? Well, here's the good news: The new moon in Libra offers you opportunities to create a better position for yourself now. If you work freelance and lost certain clients who brought in more headaches than income, the new moon in Libra on Oct. 19 will offer you an opportunity to get out there and circulate to find a clientele that will be as profitable as they are easy to work with.

If you own your own business or work within a company, this new moon will bring in a chance to create working partnerships and relationships with management that will benefit not only your reputation at work, but your ability to make more money. If you want a raise, the days following this new moon will be the time to ask for one.

Your Home Life

This is mostly for Geminis and Gemini rising, but if the full moon really screwed with your home life, Oct. 19 will give you a chance to fix what's broken. It's possible you got into an argument with a family member or you had a sudden change come up in your living arrangement that caused you more than just an inconvenience- it could have been an emotional upset as well. It's now time to start cleaning up the mess that created, and the good news is you'll have no problem doing so.

Full moons do tend to sweep away the status quo, or the aspects of it that are no longer working for us, and while you might have been comfortable with the living arrangement you were in, you'll begin to see how wrong it was for you during this new moon.

No matter what sign you are, this new moon will create a chance for you to clean up and take care of the changes that the full moon called for, and being in the sign of Libra, you'll make these changes with ease. You now have an opportunity to really create the balance and stability your life was lacking before.